LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) Sat 22/4/2017

Log with credit to Dan seen 1615-1635.

EC-IDG AT43 3 Navy/White cls Burgos titles no props
F-WWEY AT76 098 ATR red/grey cls
TT-ABE AT43 230 Republique Du Tchad titles
(N307RT) AT72 307 Danube Wings cls (wears OM-VRC)
EI-SLK AT72 395 Blue tail, ASL titles
F-WNUJ AT45 471 Aeromar fcs
F-GPYC AT45 484 white cls
F-GVZC AT45 516 white cls, part-HOP tail
M-DMLM AT72 527 white cls
F-WNUI AT45 594 Aeromar fcs
9H-AGH AT75 770 Islas Airways cls
M-IBAJ AT75 776 white cls
F-WWEZ AT76 1341 Transasia cls (B-22825 on ff)
F-WTDS AT76 1342 white cls
F-WTDB AT76 1360 white cls
F-WKVC AT76 1381 Air Alliance fcs
VT-TMR AT76 1385 Trujet fcs
F-WWEZ AT76 1387 white cls
F-WWEC AT76 1389 Iran Air fcs (TB on tail, nwd)
F-WWED AT76 1390 Iran Air fcs (TC on tail, nwd)
F-WWEE AT76 1391 Iran Air fcs (TD on tail, nwd)
F-WWEM AT76 1399 Malindo fcs
F-WWEP AT76 1420 Malindo fcs
F-WWEV AT76 1426 white cls
F-WNUH AT45 647 Villa Air fcs (AX on nwd)

AT76 ???? Air Alliance fcs

I-SKYB E120 120087 white cls
VQ-BCL E120 120304 Rusline cls
A6-RRA E145 145398 Rotana Jet cls

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