LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 27-28/06/2017

Log with credit to Bob SMith and friends. Seen this week at TLS in very mixed weather (at times hot and sunny/dark and stormy/thunder and lightning/torrential rain) were the following new frames. Long term stored and house aircraft are excluded from this log. All frames were seen on both days (circa 1600-1600)unless otherwise stated.

Usual notes apply:

fcs full colour scheme
aws all white scheme
prm primer only
to tail only painted, fuselage in primer
dc delivery centre
fl flightline
ft fuel test area
oph outside prod hall/finishing hangar
iph inside prod hall/finishing hangar
38r 380 ramp [incl 350 tents]
rh roundhouse near 380 ramp
lat former Latecoere ramp
F (*) flight (number)
std (short term) stored e.g awaiting engines, delivery delayed etc
( ) not seen/read off, info from other sources

320s [40]
7102 F-WWDX (N529VL) Volaris fcs dc
7333 F-WWIF (B-8952) Tianjin fcs dc
7487 F-WWIY (B-8980) West Air fcs fl
7517 F-WWIK (B-LCO) Hong Kong Express fcs towed to fl 28th only
7533 F-WWDF (B-8381) Tianjin fcs dc
7540 F-WWBK (B-8949) Sichuan fcs 38r std
7553 F-WWDI (N530VL) Volaris fcs 38r std
7571 F-WWDV (VT-WGH) IndiGo fcs 38r std
7579 F-WWDT (B-8958) Sichuan fcs rh std
7594 F-WWBY (VT-WGI) IndiGo fcs lat std
7626 F-WWBU (N531VL) Volaris fcs inside lat hgr
7629 F-WWBG (VQ-BCF) S7 Airlines fcs ft 28th only
7662 F-WWBX (VT-EXV) Air India fcs fl
7677 F-WWIX (9M-AGE) AirAsia fcs fl
7682 F-WWDP (VT-TNC) Viatara fcs dc
7688 F-WWTK (******) Volaris fcs 38r std
7698 F-WWTL (PR-OBJ) Avianca Brasil fcs 38r
7703 F-WWTM (TC-NBJ) Pegasus fcs fl
(7713) (F-WWTP) (F-HEPI) Air France fcs (SkyTeam) fl
7719 F-WWTR (9M-AGF) AirAsia fcs fl 27th/F1 28th ‘9M-AGF’ under wing
7721 F-WWTS (B-8680) Sichuan fcs rh std
7725 VN-A568 Jetstar Pacific fcs dc
7727 F-WWTV (N313FR) Frontier fcs ‘Wiley the Bison’ fl
7731 F-WWTX (VQ-BCK) S7 Airlines fcs rh std
7733 F-WWTY (VT-TNE) Vistara fcs lat std
7740 F-WWDQ (B-8591) Spring fcs dc
7743 F-WWIM (N250NV) Allegiant fcs ft 27th
7747 F-WWDO (B-8856) China Eastern fcs dc F2 28th
7753 F-WWIN (VT-WG*) GoAir fcs lat std
7757 F-WWBC (B-****) Tianjin fcs rh std
7760 VN-A569 Jetstar Pacific fcs dc hgr 27th/dc [late morning 28th]
7764 F-WWIV (VT-EXH) Air India fcs 38r std
7766 F-WWIQ (N249NV) Allegiant fcs fl
7768 F-WWIU (N312FR) Frontier fcs ‘Chocolate the Moose’ 38r std
(7771) (F-WWIH) (VN-A570) Jetstar Pacific fcs fl
7776 F-WWDE (VT-EXI) Air India fcs 38r std
(7781) (F-WW**) N248NV) Allegiant fcs fl 27th/iph 28th
7786 F-WWIE (TC-NBK) Pegasus fcs fl
7795 (F-WW**) (B-****) West Air fcs fl
7809 F-WWDH (VN-A***) Jetstar Pacific to fl 28th only

321 [1]
7694 TF-SKY WOW Air fcs Air France Industrie hgr/ramp 27th

330s [19]
1793 F-WWKI (B-8360) China Southern fcs fl
1794 B-16339 EVA Air fcs dc
1795 F-WTTN Airbus Industrie fcs ‘Neo’ titles on blue tail fl
1796 F-WWCY (B-8967) China Eastern fcs fl
1798 F-WWKY (B-8970) China Eastern fcs dc
1799 F-WWKQ EC-336 Republic of Singapore Air Force prm [sand] dc
1801 F-WWYH (B-8971) China Eastern fcs dc
1802 F-WWYM (B-8383) Air China fcs fl 28th only [database editors’ note: not Shenzhen but Air China colours]
1803 F-WWYP (HZ-AQ28) Saudi Arabian to fl
1804 F-WWYU (B-8972) China Eastern fcs oph
1806 F-WWYA (B-16340) EVA Air to 38r
1807 (F-WWYQ) (B-8385) Air China to fl
1809 F-WWCS (B-8862) China Eastern to fl
1810 (F-WWCT) (B-****) China Southern to iph
1811 (F-WWKV) (B-8386) Air China prm iph 28th only
1813 F-WTTE Airbus Industrie fcs ‘Neo’ titles on blue tail
1814 (F-WW**) (B-8361) China Southern to iph
1815 F-WWKT (B-8362) China Southern to fl 28th
1816 (F-WWYN) (B-8863) China Eastern to iph 28th only

350s [32]
052 F-WZFA (*******) Sichuan (?) aws dc
063 F-WZFJ (A7-ALO) Qatar fcs fl
076 F-WZNE (A7-ALQ) Qatar fcs fl
078 F-WZNG (A7-ALR) Qatar fcs fl
(090) (F-WZNT) (A7-ALT) Qatar fcs fl
110 (F-WZGM) (A7-ANC) Qatar prm 38r
112 (F-WZGQ (Capital?) Azul to rh
113 F-WZGL (OH-LWK) Finnair fcs dc hgr ‘WK’ nwd
114 (F-WZGN) (A7-ALW) Qatar prm 38r
115 F-WZGP (N501DN) Delta fcs ‘3501’ tn fl
117 F-WZGX (HL8079) Asiana fcs fl
119 F-WZGW (B-LRR) Cathay Pacific fcs dc hgr
121 F-WZGS (B-18908) China Airlines fcs fl
123 F-WZGB (HS-THF) Thai Airwys fcs fl
125 (F-WZGK) (A7-AND) Qatar prm 38r
127 F-WZFN (D-AIXD) Lufthansa fcs fl
128 F-WZFH (B-LRS) Cathay Pacific to fl
130 F-WZFC (HS-THG) Thai Airways prm [database editors’ note: F-WZFC applied not WZFB]
132 (F-WZFL) (A7-ALY) Qatar prm 38r
133 F-WZGO (9V-SMQ) Singapore Airlines fcs
140 F-WZND (9V-SMR) Singapore Airlines fcs towed 38r to dc hgr
141 (F-WZNK) (A7-ANE) Qatar prm oph
143 (F-WZFO (A7-ALZ) Qatar prm 38r
145 (F-WZNN) (3B-NBP) Air Mauritius prm 38r
147 (F-WZNL) (ET-AUC) Ethiopian prm 38r
148 (F-WZGT) (B-LRU) Cathay Pacific to 38r
149 (F-WZNA) (N503DN) Delta to 38r
150 F-WZNP) (VN-A894) Vietnam to 38r
151 (F-WZNV) (B-****) China Airlines to oph
154 (F-WZNQ) (B-LRV?) Cathay Pacific to oph 28th only
158 (F-WZ**) (9V-SMS) Singapore prm oph 28th only
162 (F-WZ**) (B-****) China Airlines prm oph fuselage only 27th only

380s [2]
0234 F-WWAN (A6-EUS) Emirates to 38r
0248 F-WWSK (A6-EVC) Emirates to 38r

ATRs [7]
1424 F-WWET (EP-***) Iran Air prm oph
1438 F-WWEJ (PK-GAS) Garuda Explore fcs oph ‘AS’ nwd
(1444) F-WWEP (******) operator unknown prm oph [c/n uncertain/only test reg carried]
1446 F-WWES (******) operator unknown prm towed to ATE paint shop on 27th
1448 (F-WWE*) (******) operator unknown prm oph
1452 (F-WWE*) (******) operator unknown prm iph 28th only
1453 (FWWE* (******) operator unknown prm iph 28th only

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