LOG: Toulouse Blagnac 23/08/2017

Log with credit to Colin, report from a trip last Wednesday from 10am to 10pm.

WWBH/7507 Go DC
WWBY/VTWGI/7594 Go flightline dual reg
WWTL/7698 Avianca flightline
WWTO/7710 Lufthansa fuel cell
WWTY/7733 Vistara DC
WWIU/7768 Frontier storage ramps
WWDJ/7789 Saudia stored nr DC
WWIB/7795 West Air AF Industries
WWIC/7800 Air India storage ramps
WWBD/7804 Volaris storage ramps
WWIZ/7806 Aeroflot fuel cell
WWDH/7809 Jetstar flightline
WWDL/7811 West Air storage ramps
WWIT/7813 Go storage ramps
WWDY/7817 Saudia fuel cell
WWDU/7822 all white storage ramps
WWBS/7824 Frontier AF Industries
WWBJ/7828 Azul moved from storage ramp to hangars
WWBF/7834 Citilink storage ramps
WWIO/7836 Aeroflot flightline
WWIJ/7841 easyJet storage ramps
WWII/7844 Latam storage ramps
WWID/7849 West Air storage ramps
WWTQ/7856 Avianca primer prod line to storage ramps
WWDG/7858 all primer prod line
WW??/7862 Volaris primer prod line
WWDN/7864 Latam primer prod line
Plus on the moving prod line 7871,7873,7905,7909,7911 the last three fuselage barrels only.
The longer term stored A320s are not recorded but included 4 x Tianjin, 2 x Sichuan, 3 x Volaris, 1 x Air India, 3 x Go, 1 x HK Exp and Sibir.

WWKS/1800 Saudia flightline
WWYP/1803 Saudia flightline
B8972 China East DC
WWYQ/1807 Air China DC
WWCS/1809 China East flightline
WWCE/1812 Saudia primer storage ramps
WWKF/1814 China South flightline
WWKT/1815 China South primer flightline
WWYN/1816 China East flightline
WWCN/1817 Aer Lingus primer outside prod line
WW??/1819 TAP primer NEO prod line
WW??/1827 Hainan primer prod line
plus another primer A330 on prod line

WZNE/076 Qatar DC
WZNG/078 Qatar flightline
WZNM/083 Qatar flightline
098 primer outside A330 prod line
WZGE/0124 Hainan flightline
BLRS Cathay DC
WZFB/0130 Thai flightline
WZGO/0133 Singapore flightline
WZGY/0134 Finnair special cols flightline
WZNI/0136 Lufthansa DC
WZNF/0137 Cathay flightline
WZND/0140 Singapore flightline
WZNJ/0144 Asiana flightline
0146 Lufthansa primer hangars
WZGT/0148 Cathay primer flightline
0153 HK AL primer hangars
0162 China AL primer outside A330 prod line
0164 Delta primer outside A330 prod line
0167 Air China all primer prod line
0168 Hainan primer prod line
Plus the usual long term stored aircraft

0248 Emirates outside full cold stored
Prod line nearest the road had 0167 Emirates in left bay and Singapore middle bay, msn not seen

WWLS all white flightline
WWES/1446 Aeromar flightline
WWET/1447 primer flightline
WWEX/1451 Air New Zealand flightline
Plus a couple of Air India
Prod line had 8 x ATR72 all primer except one with an orange or red tail?

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