LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 30th September 2017

Log with credit to Dan. Seen Saturday afternoon.

D-AVWA A19N 6464 Airbus NEO cls
D-AVXA A21N 6673 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWDT A20N 7579 Sichuan Airlines fcs (958 on nwd) [moved to DC 1615 Sat]
F-WWBU A20N 7626 Volaris fcs (531 on nwd) [D1645; A1706 AIB04BU]
F-WWTO A20N 7710 Lufthansa fcs (NI on tail, nwd)
F-WWTX A20N 7731 S7 fcs (CK on nwd)
F-WWTZ A20N 7737 Go Air fcs
F-WWIC A20N 7800 Air India fcs (IG on nwd)
F-WWBS A20N 7824 Frontier fcs / Shelly the Sea Turtle tail (316 on nwd)
F-WWBJ A20N 7828 Azul Air fcs (RJ on tail, nwd)
F-WWIG A320 7846 Aeroflot fcs (TC on nwd)
F-WWDM A320 7838 Allegiant Air fcs (251 on nwd)
F-WWIS A320 7873 Air France fcs (PJ on nwd)
F-WWIQ A320 7936 Capital Airlines fcs
no-reg A320 7990 Primer fuselage sections
no-reg A320 7992 Primer fuselage section
F-WWBX A320 7909 Jetstar Pacific fcs (574 on nwd)
F-WWCB A332 871 Airbus cls
F-WTTN A339 1795 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWYA A333 1806 Eva Air fcs (40 on nwd)
F-WWCE A333 1812 Saudi tail cls, primer
F-WWKT A333 1815 China Southern fcs (362 on nwd)
F-WWCN A333 1817 Aer Lingus fcs (CF on tail, nwd)
F-WWKP A333 1821 China Southern fcs (365 on nwd)
F-WWCG A332 1822 Primer cls
F-WWYL A333 1833 China Eastern tail cls, primer
F-WXWB A359 0001 Airbus cls
F-WZGG A359 0003 Airbus cls
F-WMIL A35K 0059 Airbus 1000 cls
F-WZFK A359 0060 Sichuan Airlines Panda special cls (no reg worn)
F-WZNG A359 0078 Qatar fcs (LR on nwd)
F-WZNT A359 0090 Qatar cls minus tail logo (LT on nwd)
F-WZNN A359 0145 Air Mauritius fcs (BP on nwd)
F-WZGT A359 0148 Cathay Pacific fcs (RU on nwd)
F-WZNA A359 0149 Delta tail cls, primer
F-WZNP A359 0150 Vietnam Airlines fcs (894 on nwd)
F-WZNV A359 0151 China Airlines fcs
F-WZNU A359 0153 Hong Kong Airlines tail cls, primer
F-WZNQ A359 0154 Cathay Pacific fcs (RV on nwd)
F-WWEE AT76 1433 Avianca Argentina fcs
F-WWEI AT76 1437 Avianca Argentina fcs
F-WWES AT76 1446 Aeromar fcs
F-WWEZ AT76 1452 Air Senegal (SN on nwd)
F-WWED AT76 1455 Air Tahiti fcs (VR on nwd)
F-WWDI A20N 7553 Volaris fcs (530 on nwd)
Near A330 Halls
no-reg A35K 0118 Cathay tail cls, primer
Delivery Centre
VT-WGG A20N 7563 Go Air fcs
F-WWBY A20N 7594 Go Air fcs (GI on nwd)
F-WWDJ A320 7759 Saudi fcs (59 on ff)
HZ-AQ28 A333 1803 Saudi fcs
F-WZFA A359 0052 white cls
F-WZFI A359 0055 white cls
F-WZNE A359 0076 Qatar fcs (LQ on nwd) [towed into DC Hangar 1630 Sat]
A7-ALS A359 0083 Qatar fcs
Latecoere area
F-WWBO A20N 7804 Volaris fcs
F-WWIT A20N 7813 Go Air fcs
F-WWIJ A20N 7841 easyJet fcs (HD on nwd, above cockpit)
F-WWBN A20N 7864 LATAM Chile fcs
F-WWDR A20N 7950 Air Asia fcs (CBD on nwd)
Near Engine Test Bay
F-WWIK A20N 7517 Hong Kong Express fcs (LCO on nwd)
F-WWIV A20N 7764 Air India fcs (XH on nwd)
F-WWIU A20N 7768 Frontier fcs / Chocolate the Moose tail (312 on nwd)
F-WWDU A20N 7822 white cls
F-WWDQ A20N 7871 Go Air fcs
F-WWTM A320 7905 Batik Air fcs (LUY on nwd)
F-WWIH A20N 7918 Avianca fcs
F-WWIP A20N 7944 Air Asia fcs (towed to factory side 1615 Sat)
Engine Test Bay area
F-WWTS A20N 7721 Sichuan Airlines fcs
F-WWDS A20N 7751 Tianjin Airlines fcs
F-WWBC A20N 7757 Tianjin Airlines fcs
F-WWIB A20N 7795 West Air fcs
F-WWDL A20N 7811 West Air fcs
F-WWBB A20N 7835 Frontier fcs / Georgia the Painted Bunting tail (317 on nwd)
F-WWII A20N 7844 LATAM Chile fcs
F-WWID A20N 7849 West Air fcs
F-WWBI A20N 7851 Tianjin Airlines fcs
F-WWTQ A20N 7856 Avianca Brasil fcs (BM on nwd)
F-WWDG A20N 7858 Go Air fcs
F-WWBM A20N 7862 Volaris fcs
F-WWDZ A20N 7875 Capital Airlines fcs
F-WWBG A20N 7925 Frontier fcs / Colorado the Bighorn Sheep tail (323 on nwd)
F-WWCA A346 360 Airbus cls
A350/380 ramps
F-WWAI A320 1 Airbus old cls
F-WWCP A339 1836 TAP Portugal tail cls, primer
F-WXXL A388 0002 Airbus basic blue cls
F-WWSN A388 0167 Blue tail, primer
F-WWSK A388 0248 Emirates tail cls, white fuselage
F-WWSM A388 0249 Emirates tail cls, white fuselage
no-reg A359 0098 Primer cls
no-reg A35K 0102 Qatar tail cls, primer
no-reg A359 0106 Qatar tail cls, primer
no-reg A359 0114 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
no-reg A359 0126 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
no-reg A35K 0141 Primer cls
no-reg A359 0170 Primer cls, Singapore winglets
no-reg A359 0173 Vietnam tail cls, primer
no-reg A359 0176 Primer cls, Asiana winglets
Far end of A350 ramps
no-reg A359 0100 Qatar tail cls, primer
no-reg A359 0143 Primer cls, Qatar winglets
Biz ramp (stored)
M-AMRM AT72 826 Fly540 fcs (826 on nwd)
Additions at TLS Sunday 1st october, 1000-1720:

Outside rear of main factory

F-WWLU AT46 1216 white cls

F-WWEV AT76 1449 white cls
F-WWEK AT76 1462 Primer cls, white tail
no-reg A320 7993 Primer fuselage section
F-WWAI A343 1 Airbus Flight Lab cls (modified wings)
F-WZNL A359 0147 Ethiopian fcs (UC on nwd)


PK-GTF A20N 7834 Garuda Citilink fcs (‘F-WWB’ on a sticker)

Hangar near fuelstation
F-WWIN A20N 7753 Go Air fcs

Outside near fuelstation
no-reg A359 0175 Delta tail cls, primer

Near A330 Halls
F-WWCR A333 1827 Hainan tail cls, primer
F-WWCX A333 1828 Batik Air Malaysia tail cls, primer
no-reg A359 0177 Thai tail cls, primer

Delivery Centre
F-WWDV A20N 7571 Go Air fcs (GH on nwd)

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