LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 15/10/2017

Log with credit to Carsten seen 0900-1420.

6946 F-WWBZ Indigo f/c
7181 F-WWBT all primer
7594 F-WWBY GO Air f/c
7688 F-WWTK Volaris f/c
7721 F-WWTS Sichuan AL f/c
7731 F-WWTX S7 Airlines f/c
7751 F-WWDS Tianjin AL f/c
7757 F-WWBC Tianjin AL f/c
7764 F-WWIV Air India f/c
7768 F-WWIU Frontier f/c
7804 F-WWBO Volaris f/c
7811 F-WWDL West Air f/c
7822 F-WWDU all white
7828 F-WWBJ AZUL f/c
7834 F-WWBF Citilink f/c
7835 F-WWBB Frontier f/c
7841 F-WWIJ Easyjet f/c
7844 F-WWII LATAM f/c
7846 VP-BTC Aeroflot f/c
7849 F-WWID West Air f/c
7851 F-WWBI Tianjin AL f/c
7856 F-WWTQ Avianca f/c
7858 F-WWDG GO Air f/c
7862 F-WWBM Volaris f/c
7864 F-WWBN LATAM f/c
7866 F-WWTU Air Cote D’Ivoire f/c
7871 F-WWDQ GO Air f/c
7873 F-WWIS Air France f/c
7911 F-WWDP Thai Air Asia f/c
7918 F-WWIH Avianca f/c
7925 F-WWBG Frontier f/c
7930 F-WWIA Air India f/c
7936 F-WWDO Capital AL f/c
7938 F-WWBD Loongair f/c
7944 F-WWIP Air Asia f/crr
1825 F-WWYJ Sichuan AL f/c
1827 F-WWCR primer & Hainan AL tail c/s
1828 F-WWCX primer & Batik Air tail c/s
1832 F-WWYS primer & Batik Air tail c/s – near A330 halls

052 F-WZFA all white – stored Del. ctr.
055 F-WZFI all white – stored Del. ctr.
060 F-WZFK Sichuan AL special c/s
063 F-WZFJ Qatar AW f/c
078 A7-ALR Qatar AW f/c – Del. ctr.
118 F-WZGV primer & Cathay Pacific tail c/s
145 3B-NBP Air Mauritius f/c – Del. ctr.
146 F-WZFY Lufthansa f/c
147 F-WZNL Ethiopian f/c
148 F-WZGT Cathay Pacific f/c
151 F-WZNV China Airlines f/c
154 F-WZNQ Cathay Pacific f/c
173 no reg primer & Vietnam AL tail c/s
174 no reg primer & Lufthansa tail c/s
175 no reg primer & Delta AL tail c/sf/c
178 no reg primer & Air China tail c/s
…plus lots in all primer and 1 with Delta tail c/s…

167 F-WWSN basic Skymark c/s, Emirates engine c/s
??? ??? Emirates tail c/s

1438 F-WWEJ Garuda Explore f/c
1447 F-WWET Air Senegal f/c
1452 F-WWEZ Air Senegal f/c
1456 F-WWEE Alliance Air f/c
1457 F-WWEF Indigo f/c (engine runs)
…plus 2 all white & 1 in primer/white tail…

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