LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 17/1/2018

Log with credit to Colin.

Noted on a day trip were the following. It does not include most of the longer term storage aircraft and unless otherwise indicated all aircraft are in full colours.

Delivery Centre

B1038 320 Guilin AL
B1039 320 Guilin AL
WWTM/8064 320 Saudia
EC340 330MRTT sand primer (hangar)
WWYZ/1839 333 Shenzhen
A7ALY 359 Qatar
WZHI/0174 359 Lufthansa
WZFX/0179 359 China AL


WWIG/8050 320 Air Asia
WWIU/8070 320 Saudia
WWBJ/8073 320 Aeroflot
WWBH/8090 320 Azul
WWIZ/8105 320 Azul
WWBN/8111 320 Vueling (from paint hangar)
WWBG/8127 Air France primer

Plus a further five examples of Avianca, Air India and Saudia (not read/required)

WWYL/1833 333 China Eastern AL
WWYG/1842 333 China Eastern AL
WWYC/1845 332 Tibet primer
WWKU/1847 332 Capital AL
WWYE/1849 333 Tianjin primer
WZFR/0098 359 Capital
WZGQ/0112 359 Capital
WZFX/0180 359 Ethiopian
WZFP/0181 359 Thai
WZGA/0183 359 Malaysain
WWIW/0185 359 Thai
WWTW/0186 359 Singapore
WWAW/0187 359 HK AL

ATR ramp

WWLZ/1401 42 Japan Air Commuter
WWEE/1433 72 Avianca
Plus two Aeromar examples

Fuel Cell

WWDP/8067 320 Aeroflot
WWIM/8084 320 Avianca

ACJ ramp

WWIX/8099 Vistara
REQ: LATAM example in full colours

ATR production hangar

1476 72 primer
WWEE/1479 72 CEBU
WWEF/1480 72 Indigo
WWEG/1481 72 Wings
Plus an Aeromar example

A330 factory ramp

WWYY/1851 333 Lucky AL primer
199 359 Delta AL primer
200 359 LATAM primer
201 359 Thai primer

A320 storage ramp

WWTS/8094 320 Capital
WWDX/8102 320 primer with grey tail (for Frontier)

Air France Industries ramp

WWDM/8017 320 Air Asia

A380 ramp

WWJC 339 sand primer
WWKJ/1848 330MRTT primer
0163 359 primer (for Qatar)
WZHG/0167 359 Air China
0188 35X Cathay primer
0206 35X Cathay primer
WWSU/0250 388 Emirates primer

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