LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 25-26/1/2018

Log with credit to Bob Smith seen at TLS (1600 Thu- 1500 Fri) were the following new frames. All aircraft were seen on both dates except where stated and were parked on the main ramp unless otherwise stated .

320s [32]
7181 F-WWBT stored sand colour primer
7811 F-WWDL (B-****) West Air fcs
7849 F-WWID (B-****) West Air fcs
7851 F-WWBI (B-8660) Tianjin fcs ‘8660’ on nwd Air France Ind ramp 26th only
7858 F-WWDG (VT-***) Go Air fcs
7862 F-WWBM (N533VL) Volaris fcs 380 area
7871 F-WWDQ (VT-***) Go Air fcs
7875 F-WWDZ (B-****) Capital fcs
7918 F-WWIH (PR-OBQ) Avianca Brasil fcs
7936 F-WWIQ (B-****) Capital fcs former Latecoere ramp
7952 F-WWBK B-****) Capital fcs former Latecoere ramp
7980 F-WWDE (VT-TNH) Vistara fcs
7992 (F-WWDT) (B-1361) Lucky Air fcs 380 area
7995 F-WWDJ (PR-OBO) Avianca Brasil fcs dc
8030 F-WWTN (VT-CIH) Air India fcs dc
[8042 F-WWTV (B-1038) Air Guilan fcs Francazal site]
[8053 F-WWBZ (B-1039) Air Guilan fcs Francazal site]
8056 F-WWBX (VT-EXM) Air India fcs
(8067) (F-WWDP) (VP-BIF) Aeroflot fcs
8070 F-WWIU (HZ-AS66) Saudi Arabian fcs dc
(8073) (F-WWBJ) (VP-BIY) Aeroflot fcs
8074 F-WWIJ (B-****) China Eastern fcs 380 area
8077 (F-WW**) (VT-IVJ) Indigo fcs
8081 (F-WWIY) (HZ-AS68) Saudi Arabian fcs dc hangar
8086 F-WWDH (PR-OBR) Avianca Brasil fcs former Latecoere ramp
8091 PR-YRO Avianca Brasil fcs
8099 F-WWIX (VT-***) Vistara fcs fuel test area
8105 F-WWIZ (PR-YRQ) Azul Linhas Aereas fcs fuel test area
8111 F-WWBN (EC-***) Vueling fcs fuel test area 25th only
8138 F-WWDK (VT-***) Vistara to
8149 (F-WWDI) (A6-AOV) Air Arabia to
(8158) (F-WW**) (VT-***) Indigo to inside prod hall

330s [10]
1840 F-WWYD (B-1045) Tianjin fcs dc
1842 B-1041 China Eastern fcs dc
1843 F-WWCI (B-****) Lucky Air fcs
1844 (F-WWCJ) (9XR-***) Rwandair primer 380 area
1846 F-WWKA (B-1062) China Southern fcs
1848 (F-WWKJ) (******) Republic of Korea Air Force primer
1849 F-WWYE (B-****) Tianjin fcs
1852 F-WWCD (B-1063) China Southern to outside finishing hangar
1854 F-WWCQ (EC-***) Iberia to outside finishing hangar
1856 F-WWCM (B-****) Sichuan to

350s [33]
052 F-WZFA (B-****) Sichuan all white 380 area
055 F-WZFI (B-****) Sichuan all white 380 area
060 F-WZFK (B-****) Sichuan all white 380 area
098 F-WZFR (B-****) Capital fcs 380 area
110 (F-WZGM) A7-ANC) Qatar primer 380 area
112 (F-WZGQ) (B-****) Capital fcs 380 area
118 (F-WZGA) (B-LXA) Cathay to outside finishing hangar 25th only
125 (F-WZGK) (A7-AND) Qatar primer 380 area
126 (F-WZGU) (A7-ALX) Qatar primer 380 area
141 (F-WZNK) (A7-ANE) Qatar primer 380 area
163 (F-WZGF) (A7-AME) Qatar primer
167 F-WZHG (B-****) Air China fcs outside finishing hangar
174 D-AIXG Lufthansa fcs dc 25th/delivered 26th
177 HS-THJ Thai fcs dc
178 F-WZGZ (B-****) Air China fcs outside finishing hangar/380 area
180 F-WZFX (ET-AVB) Ethiopian fcs dc
181 F-WZFP (HS-THK) Thai fcs dc
182 F-WZFW (N507DN) Delta fcs arr from XFW on 26th
183 F-WZGA (9M-MAD) Malaysia fcs
184 F-WZGR (D-AIXH) Luftansa fcs ‘XH’ tail number
185 F-WWIW (HS-THL) Thai fcs
(186) (F-WWTW) (9V-SMU) Singapore fcs
187 F-WWAW (B-LGD) Hong Kong fcs
188 (F-WZGS) (B-LXC) Cathay to 380 area
189 F-WZFD (HS-THM) Thai fcs
190 F-WZGL (N508DN) Delta to
191 F-WZGP (B-18916) China Airlines fcs
196 F-WZNC (ET-AVC) Ethiopian to
201 (F-WZGE) (HS-***) Thai to towed to engine fitting hangar 25th
202 (F-WZGO) (D-AIXI) Lufthansa primer outside finishing hangar
203 (F-WZFS) (9M-MAF) Malaysia to outside finishing hangar
204 (F-WZNS) (N*****) Delta primer outside finishing hangar
206 (F-WZNI) (B-LXD) Cathay to 380 area

380s [2]
247 F-WJKG (9V-SKV) Singapore fcs arr ex XFW 26th
255 F-WWAM (9V-SKZ) Singapore fcs 380 area

ATRs [12]
1401 JA03JC Japan Air Commuter fcs ATR dc
1433 F-WWEE (LV-***) Avianca Argentina fcs ATR dc
1435 (F-WWEG) (XA-UZE) Aeromar fcs ATR dc
1441 F-WWEM (XA-UZS) Aeromar fcs ATR dc
1449 (PK-WHZ) Wings Abadi all white ATR dc
(1475) (F-WWEZ) (VT-***) Indigo fcs inside finishing hangar
(1479 (F-WWEE) (RP-C7288) Cebgo fcs ATR dc
1480 (F-WWEF) (VT-IYD) Indigo fcs inside finishing hangar
1481 (F-WWEG) (PK-***) Wings Abadi fcs inside finishing hangar
1482 (F-WWEH) (G-****) Eastern Airways white tail/primer inside finishing hangar
(1484) (F-WW**) (******) Operator unknown primer inside finishing hangar
1485 (F-WW**) (*******) Operator unknown primer inside finishing hangar

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