Noted at Francazal yestersday…..
F-ONCL AT7 759 Air Caledonie
M-IBAJ AT7 776 White
F-WNUA AT7 1047 Fastjet
F-WNUC AT7 1060 Fastjet
F-WNUD AT7 1072 Fastjet
PH-ATD AT7 1360 Azul
PH-ATE AT7 1367 Azul
F-WWER AT7 1422 Garuda
F-WWEU AT7 1425 Avianca
F-WWEI AT7 1437 Avianca
F-WWEK AT7 1439 Alliance
F-WWER AT7 1445 Alliance
6V-ASN AT7 1452 Air Senegal
F-WWEE AT7 1456 Alliance
F-WNUJ AT4 471 Aeromar
2-LEFA AT4 621 Satena
F-WNUG AT7 565 Passaredo
F-WWEL AT7 1463 Alliance
F-WWBC A320 7757 Tianjin
F-WWTV A320 8042 Guilin
F-WWID A320 7849 Westair
A320 8053 Guilin
White AT7 no reg worn
LV-HUT AT7 Avianca – MSN required

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