LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 27/03/2018

Log provided with credit to Les Smith, seen TLS 27/03/2018

002 F-WXXL Toulouse Museum, A380 ramp Stored
249 F-WWSM / A6-EVD Emirates, fcs without titles, A380 ramp

6464 D-AVWA Airbus, A319 Neo
6673 D-AVXA Airbus, A321 Neo
7757 F-WWBC / B-8661 Tianjin Airlines (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
7811 F-WWDZ West Air (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
7849 F-WWID West Air (Neo), fcs (Main ramp)
7851 F-WWIB / B-8660 Tianjin Airlines, fcs (A380 engine test bay
7858 F-WWDG / VT-WGN Go Air (Neo), fcs, (Air France industries area)
7862 F-WWBM / N533VL Volaris, fcs (Fuel test area)
7871 F-WWDQ / VT-WGO Go Air, fcs (Latecoeres)
7875 F-WWDZ Capital Airlines (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
7877 D-AVZO Airbus, A321NX Demonstrator
7936 F-WWIQ Capital Airlines (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
7952 F-WWBK Capital Airlines (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
7992 F-WWDT / B-1361 Lucky Air (Neo), fcs (Fuel test area)
7995 F-WWDJ / PR-OBO Avianca (Neo), fcs (Air France industries area as F-WXAJ)
8074 F-WWIJ / B-1211 China Eastern (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
8077 F-WWBB / VT-IVJ Indigo (Neo), fcs (Air France industries area)
8084 F-WWIM / PR-OBP Avianca Brazil (Neo), fcs (Delivery hangar)
8086 F-WWDH / PR-OBR Avianca (Neo), fcs (Main ramp)
8094 F-WWTS / B-1247 Capital (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
8122 F-WWII / B-1246 Capital Airlines (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
8138 F-WWDK / VT-TNJ Vistara (Neo), fcs (Delivery center)
8139 F-WWDV / G-TTNB British Airways (Neo), fcs (Fuel test area
8142 F-WWIK / VQ-BDQ S7 Airlines (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
8146 F-WWIP Go Air (Neo), fcs (Latecoeres)
8152 F-WWDY Go Air (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
8158 F-WWBO / VT-IVH Indigo (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
8161 F-WWBU / HZ-AS72 Saudia, fcs (Delivery center)
8167 F-WWDR / VT-CIM Air India (Neo), fcs (Air France industries area)
8170 F-WWBQ / N769AV Avianca (Neo), fcs (Main ramp)
8177 F-WWDS / HZ-AS73 Saudia, fcs (Latecoeres)
8181 F-WWIR Vueling Airlines (Neo), fcs (Air France industries area)
8184 F-WWIO / B-1232 Loong Air (Neo), fcs (Latecoeres)
8189 F-WWIT / HZ-AS74 Saudia, fcs (Main ramp)
8196 F-WWIA / JA214A All Nippon Airlines (Neo), fcs (fuel test area)
8201 F-WWDA / VP-BIJ Aeroflot, fcs (Main ramp)
8211 F-WWDF / A6-AOW Air Arabia, tail painted (Air France industries area)
8221 Iberia (Neo), fcs (Noted being towed from paint shop)
8247 Pegasus Airlines (Neo), tail painted (Main ramp)

1813 F-WTTE Airbus (A330-900neo), House cls (Main ramp)
1846 F-WWKA / B-1062 China Southern, fcs (Delivery center, full registration)
1850 F-WWYO / CS-TUC TAP Air Portugal (Neo), fcs (A380 ramp)
1852 F-WWCD / B-1063 China Southern, fcs (Delivery center, full registration)
1855 F-WWCX / B-1048 Hainan, fcs (A380 ramp)
1856 F-WWCM / B-8589 Sichuan Airlines, fcs (Main ramp)
1857 F-WWYR / EC-335 Singapore Air Force, primer (Main ramp, MRTT)
1858 F-WWCL / B-1065 China Southern, fcs (Main ramp)
1860 F-WWYH / B-1097 Hainan Airlines, tail painted (Main ramp)
1861 F-WWKQ Rwandair, primer (A380 storage ramp)

1865 F-WWCY / B-LHG Hong Kong Airlines, tail painted (Outside A330 prod hall)
1868 F-WWYQ China Eastern, tail painted (Outside A330 prod hall)
1888 F-WTTO Airbus (A330-800), fcs (A380 storage ramp)

055 F-WZFI Sichuan Airlines, White (Delivery center)
059 F-WMIL Airbus, House colours, A350-1000 prototype (Main ramp)
060 F-WZFK Sichuan Airlines, Panda fcs (Delivery center)
065 F-WLXV Airbus, House Colours, A350-1000 prototype
098 F-WZFR Capital Airlines, fcs (Main ramp)
106 F-WZFT / A7-ALV Qatar Airways, fcs (Main ramp)
112 F-WZGQ / B-1070 Hong Kong Airlines, fcs (A380 hangar storage ramp)
125 F-WZGK / A7-AND Qatar Airways, primer (A350-1000, A380 hangar storage ramp)
143 F-WZFO / A7-ALZ Qatar Airways, fcs (main ramp)
161 F-WWBW / A7-ANF Qatar Airways, primer (A350-1000, A380 hangar storage ramp)
167 F-WZHG / B-1086 Air China, fcs (A380 hangar storage ramp)
169 F-WZGW / B-LXB Cathay Pacific, tail painted (A350-1000) (A380 ramp)
172 F-WWDW / A7-AMF Qatar Airways, primer (A380 ramp)
178 F-WZGZ Air China, fcs (A380 ramp)
188 F-WZGS / B-LXC Cathay Pacific, tail painted (A350-1000, A380 storage ramp)
192 F-WZGB / VN-A896 Vietnam Airlines, fcs (Delivery center, full registration)
195 F-WZFC / 9M-MAE Malaysian Airlines, fcs (Delivery center)
196 F-WZNC / ET-AVC Ethiopian Airlines, fcs (Delivery center)
198 F-WZFF / HL7771 Asiana Airlines, fcs (Main ramp)
199 F-WZFH / N509DN Delta Airlines, fcs (Main ramp)
200 F-WZFB / PR-XTH LATAM, fcs (Main ramp)
201 F-WZGE / HS-THN THAI Airways, fcs (Main ramp)
203 F-WZFS / 9M-MAF Malaysian Airlines, fcs (Main ramp)
205 F-WZGY / ET-AVD Ethiopian Airlines, tail painted (Main ramp)
207 F-WZNJ Qatar Airways, primer
208 F-WZN? / B-18917 China Airlines, primer (A380 hangar storage ramp)
211 F-WZNM Qatar Airways, primer (A380 hangar storage ramp)
214 F-WZNQ Qatar Airways, primer (A380 hangar storage ramp)
215 F-WZNV / A7-ANG Qatar Airways, primer (A350-1000), (A380 ramp)
217 F-WZNU Air China, tail painted (Outside A330 production hall)
218 F-WZFQ Asiana Airlines, tail painted (Outside A330 production hall)
221 F-WZNA / RP-C3501 Philippine Airlines, fcs (A380 hangar storage ramp)
225 F-WZNL / B-LXE Cathay Pacific, tail painted, (A380 ramp)

1402 F-WWLB / JA04JC Japan Air Express, fcs (ATR-42, Main ramp)
1433 F-WWEE Avianca Argentina, fcs (Main ramp)
1446 F-WWES / XA-UZT Aeromar, fcs (ATR hangar)
1475 F-WWEZ / VT-IYG Indigo, fcs (ATR delivery center)
1476 F-WWEB Indigo, fcs (ATR hangar)
1481 F-WWEG Wings Abadi, fcs (Main ramp)
1487 F-WWEM / ZK-MVR Air New Zealand, fcs (ATR hangar)
1488 F-WWEN / PK-WJG Wings Abadi, fcs (ATR hangar)
1489 F-WWEP / EP-ATI Iran Air, fcs (ATR delivery center)
1492 F-WWES ?, primer (ATR hangar)
1493 F-WWET Wings Abadi, fcs (ATR hangar)
1494 F-WWEU Iran Air, white (ATR delivery center)
1495 F-WWEV ?, primer (ATR hangar)

Additional ATRs noted in the finishing line hanger or just outside by myself 00:00 – 00:45

1404 with customer code JC ( JAC ) tail less
1497 with customer code A4 ( NAC)
1498 with customer code VI or YI
1510 (msn on a large piece of paper over actual stenciled msn) tail less


One thought on “LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 27/03/2018

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  1. Hi Les,
    my brother and I were also at TLS on that date and during the late afternoon 3 ATRs were pulled out of the hangar, all in primer with white tails, and later in the evening 1 was put back inside and 2 were left outside and they were still there the next morning but we were unable to read anything from them.

    Is it possible that you read these off and could tell us which ones they were from your log ?

    Many thanks,

    Liked by 1 person

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