LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 19/5/2018

Log with credit to Dan, seen at Francazal Saturday  19/5/18 1305-1340
EC-IDG AT43 3 Navy/White cls Burgos titles no props
YV2308 AT43 61 DHL cls [302 on nwd]
F-WWEY AT76 98 ATR red cls
F-WNUJ AT45 471 Aeromar fcs
[F-WNUG] AT75 565 Passaredo basic cls (no reg, DE on nwd)
2-LFEA AT45 621 Satena fcs
F-OIJH AT75 682 Air Caraibes fcs
F-OIQU AT75 751 Air Tahiti fcs
F-ONCL AT75 759 Air Caledonie fcs
M-IBAJ AT75 776 white cls
F-WNUA AT76 1047 Fastjet fcs
F-WNUC AT76 1060 Fastjet fcs
F-WNUD AT76 1072 Fastjet fcs
N401SV AT46 1216 Silver Airways fcs
F-WWER AT76 1422 Garuda Explore fcs (AR on nwd)
F-WWEI AT76 1437 Avianca Argentina fcs
F-WWEJ AT76 1438 Garuda Explore fcs (AS on nwd)
F-WWEK AT76 1439 Alliance Air fcs
F-WWER AT76 1445 Alliance Air fcs
F-WWEE AT76 1456 Alliance Air fcs
F-WWEL AT76 1463 Alliance Air fcs
F-WTBX AT76 1466 Avianca Argentina fcs (GUY on nwd)
F-WTBY AT76 1474 Avianca Argentina fcs
F-WWEG AT76 1481 Wings fcs (JF on nwd)
F-WWEK AT76 1485 white cls

I-SKYB E120 120087 white cls, Skybridge titles
A6-RRA E145 145398 Rotana Jet cls (no engines)

OE-LCN A321 6454 Air Berlin fcs
OE-LCP A321 6629 Air Berlin fcs
OE-LCR A321 6719 Air Berlin fcs
TN-TAC B737 30674 Trans Air Congo

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