LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 29/05/2018

Log with credit to Les Smith seen Toulouse 29.05.2018

002 F-WXXL Toulouse Museum, A380 ramp, stored
250 F-WWSU / A6-EVE Emirates, tail painted, A380 ramp
252 F-WWSY / A6-EVF Emirates, tail painted, A380 production hall
258 F-WWST / A6-EVI Emirates, tail painted, A380 ramp

6464 D-AVWA Airbus, A319 Neo
7181 F-WWBT ex Frontier Airlines (Neo), Brown primer (A380 engine test bay)
7757 F-WWBC / B-8661 Tianjin Airlines (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
7811 F-WWDZ West Air (Neo), fcs (Latecores hangar)
7849 F-WWID West Air (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
7918 F-WWIH / PR-OBQ Avianca (Neo), fcs (Air France industries area as F-WXAK)
7995 F-WWDJ / PR-OBO Avianca (Neo), fcs (Air France industries area as F-WXAJ)
8074 F-WWIJ / B-1211 China Eastern (Neo), fcs (Latecores ramp)
8084 F-WWIM / PR-OBP Avianca (Neo), fcs (Air France industries area as F-WXAO)
8094 F-WWTS / B-1247 Capital (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
8146 F-WWIP / VT-WGP Go Air, fcs (Delivery centre)
8173 F-WWBY / G-TTNC British Airways (Neo), fcs (Air France industries ramp)
8177 F-WWDS / HZ-AS73 Saudia, fcs
8181 F-WWIR Vueling Airlines (Neo), fcs (Air France industries ramp)
8196 F-WWIA / JA214A All Nippon Airlines (Neo), fcs
8204 F-WWIS Capital, fcs (A380 engine test bay)
8214 F-WWDN / TC-NBT Pegasus (Neo), fcs (Air France industries ramp)
8221 F-WWGI / EC-MXU Iberia (Neo), fcs
8225 F-WWBX / VT-CIP Air India, fcs
8228 F-WWIF Volaris, fcs (A380 engine test bay)
8234 F-WWBV / VP-BIL Aeroflot, fcs
8247 Pegasus, fcs
8256 F-WWDE / EC-MXY Iberia (Neo), fcs (Fuel test area)
8259 F-WWIY Indigo, fcs (A380 engine test bay)
8261 F-WWDC / V8-RBB Royal Brunei (Neo), fcs
8265 F-WWIH / PK-GTE Citilink, fcs
8267 F-WWDJ / VT-CIQ Air India (Neo), fcs (Latecores ramp)
8272 F-WWIX / TC-NBV Pegasus (Neo), fcs
8280 F-WWBE / N776AV Avianca (Neo), fcs (Latecores ramp)
8282 F-WWBG China Southern (Neo), fcs (Air France industries ramp)
8285 F-WWIN / HZ-FAH Flyadeal, fcs (Delivery centre)
8290 F-WWBO Lucky Air (Neo), fcs (A380 engine test bay)
8292 F-WWIC / TC-NBY Pegasus, fcs
8294 F-WWDU / VT-ATI Vistara (Neo), fcs
8300 / N779AV Avianca (Neo), fcs (Air France industries area)
8310 F-WWIV Indigo, fcs
8313 F-WWBJ / B-300Y Spring Airlines, fcs
8317 F-WWDP / 9M-AGY Air Asia, fcs (Fuel test area)
8330 GX Airlines (AZUL) (Neo), tail painted (Finishing hangar)
8343 / A6-AOX Air Arabia, fcs (Finishing hangar)
8346 / HZ-AS77 Saudia, fcs (Air France industries area)
? Indigo, fcs (main ramp, either 8158 or 8218)
? Go Air, fcs (Fuel test area, either 8152 or 8209)
? GX Airlines, tail painted (Finishing hangar, either 8297 or 8340)
? Air Asia, tail painted, production hall (8384 or 8391)

1844 F-WWCJ / 9XR-WS Rwandair (Neo), primer (A380 ramp)
1850 F-WWYO / CS-TUC TAP Air Portugal (Neo), fcs (A380 ramp)
1855 F-WWCX / B-1048 Hainan, fcs (Delivery Centre)
1861 F-WWKQ / 9XR-WT Rwandair, primer
1862 F-WWKY / B-1042 Capital Airlines, fcs (in finishing hangar)
1863 F-WWKI / B-LHF Hong Kong Airlines, fcs
1865 F-WWCY / B-LHG Hong Kong Airlines, fcs (A380 ramp)
1867 F-WWYU / B-1072 Shenzhen Airlines, fcs (Delivery centre)
1869 F-WWCS / B-1073 China Eastern, fcs (Delivery centre)
1871 F-WWKV / B-1096 Hainan Airlines, tail painted
1877 F-WWKT Level Airlines, fcs (A330 Production hall ramp)
1878 F-WWYN Nepal Airlines, tail painted (A380 ramp)
1880 F-WWYJ Capital Airlines, tail painted (A330 Production hall ramp)
? TAP Air Portugal, fcs (either 1819 or 1836)

001 F-WXWB Airbus cls
055 F-WZFI Sichuan Airlines, White (A380 ramp)
065 F-WLXV Airbus, House Colours, A350-1000 prototype
098 F-WZFR / B-1069 Capital Airlines, fcs
106 F-WZFT / A7-ALV Qatar Airways, fcs (Delivery centre)
112 F-WZGQ / B-1070 Hong Kong Airlines, fcs (Delivery centre)
114 F-WZGN / A7-ALW Qatar Airways, fcs
126 F-WZGU / A7-ALX Qatar Airways, fcs
161 F-WWBW / A7-ANF Qatar Airways, primer (A350-1000),(A380 ramp)
167 F-WZHG / B-1086 Air China, fcs
188 F-WZGS / B-LXC Cathay Pacific, fcs (A350-1000)
207 F-WZNJ Qatar Airways, primer 9A380 ramp)
208 F-WZNF / B-18917 China Airlines, fcs (Delivery centre)
209 F-WZND / D-AIXJ Lufthansa, fcs (Delivery Centre)
210 F-WZNE / N511DN Delta Airlines, fcs
211 F-WZNM Qatar Airways, primer (A380 ramp)
213 F-WZGT / 9M-MAG Malaysian Airlines, fcs
214 F-WZNQ Qatar Airways, primer (A380 ramp)
215 F-WZNV / A7-ANG Qatar Airways, primer (A350-1000, A380 ramp)
216 F-WZNY / 9V-SGE Singapore Airlines, fcs (A350ULR)
217 F-WZNU / B-1083 Air China, tail painted
218 F-WZFQ / HL8308 Asiana Airlines, fcs
219 F-WZNP / EC-MXV Iberia, fcs
221 F-WZNA / RP-C3501 Philippine Airlines, fcs
225 F-WZNL / B-LXE Cathay Pacific, tail painted (A380 ramp)
226 F-WZFG Tianjin Airlines, tail painted
229 F-WZNG / A7-ANH Qatar Airways, primer (A350-1000, A380 Production hall ramp)
233 F-WZHF / B-LXF Cathay Pacific, tail painted (A350-1000, A380 ramp)
237 F-WZHD / A7-ANI Qatar Airways, primer (A350-1000, A380 ramp)
240 F-WZHK Air China, tail painted (A330 Production hall ramp)
245 F-WZNX Tianjin Airlines, tail painted (A330 Production hall ramp)

1425 F-WWEU / LV-GUI Avianca Argentinas, fcs (Parked at rear of production hall)
1433 F-WWEE Avianca Argentina, fcs (Parked at rear of production hall)
1489 F-WWEP / EP-ITI Iran Air, fcs (Parked near engine test)
1492 F-WWES ?, White primer (ATR ramp)
1493 F-WWET Wings Abadi, fcs (ATR hangar)
1497 F-WWEX Air Antilles, fcs (ATR ramp)
1500 F-WWEC Binter, fcs (ATR ramp, needs confirming)
? Iran Air, fcs (Parked near engine test, either 1494 or 1504)
? Indigo, fcs (ATR hangar, either 1476, 1491 or 1496)


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