IMG_2502 (2)
Picture With credit to Nick.
-Indigo 320 in Hangar 244 (8206, 8416, 8426 or 8527)
-Interjet 320 in Hangar 14 – back corner
-Primera 321 outside Hangar 245 (8195 or 8547)
-Latam 320 outside Hangar 245 (8140, 8529 or 8531)
-Viva 320 on midfield store (8554 or 8556)
*** = Assumed
Type Con Reg Operator As State Location
A320 7788 F-WXAU Spirit Airlines N906NK fcs Riverside Store
A320 8089 D-AVVK Zhejiang Loong Airlines B-1212 fcs Outside Hangar 14 South
A320 8098 D-AVVN West Air B-302F fcs Riverside Store
A321 8103 D-AVZE S7 Airlines VQ-BDI fcs Next to Hangar 222
A320 8166 D-AVVE LATAM Airlines CC-BHC fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8172 D-AVVO LATAM Airlines CC-BHE fcs Dockside Store
A321 8182 D-AYAE Sichuan Airlines B-1056 fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8197 D-AVXD Air China B-1067 fcs Hangar 241
A321 8199 D-AVXE VietJetAir VN-A653 fcs *** Midfield Store
A321 8224 D-AVXP Sichuan Airlines B-1055 fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8257 D-AVYH Turkish Airlines TC-LSB fcs Riverside Store
A321 8264 D-AVYR Volaris N536VL fcs Dockside Store
A321 8271 D-AYAG Wizz Air HA-LTB fcs Hangar 241
A321 8277 D-AYAJ Air Astana P4-KDF fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8278 D-AVVS Chongqing Airlines B-302K fcs Outside Hangar 245
A321 8289 D-AVYN VietJetAir VN-A693 tail cls Delivery Centre
A321 8349 JA138A All Nippon Airways fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8366 D-AUBY Volaris N538VL fcs *** Riverside Store
A320 8371 D-AUBF Hong Kong Express Airways B-LCQ fcs Dockside Store
A321 8386 D-AYAR easyJet Airline G-UZMC fcs Outside Hangar 245
A321 8389 D-AYAV VietJetAir VN-A697 fcs Midfield Store (Area 2)
A319 8398 D-AVWE Chengdu Airlines B-1093 fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8403 D-AVVL Acropolis Aviation G-KELT fcs Hangar 242
A320 8409 D-AVVW easyJet Airline G-UZHN fcs Hangar 242
A320 8413 D-AXAA All Nippon Airways JA216A fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8415 D-AZAR China Southern Airlines B-303G fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8418 D-AXAJ Aeroflot Russian Airlines VQ-BTW fcs Dockside Store
A321 8421 D-AZAO easyJet Airline G-UZMD fcs Riverside Store
A321 8425 D-AZAP China Southern Airlines B-303H fcs Midfield Store
A320 8430 D-AUBW Hong Kong Express Airways B-LCR fcs Midfield Store
A320 8433 D-AUBG easyJet Airline G-UZHP fcs *** Riverside Store
A321 8436 D-AZAK VietJetAir VN-A694 fcs Outside Hangar 245
A320 8439 D-AUBO Chengdu Airlines fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8440 D-AUBR IndiGo Airlines VT-IVV fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8442 D-AUBS Saudi Arabian Airlines HZ-AS82 fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8445 D-AXAN Go Air VT-WGU fcs Leak Test
A321 8450 D-AZAV Capital Airlines B-302U fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8453 D-AXAW Qingdao Airlines B-302N fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8454 D-AZAW easyJet Airline G-UZME fcs Riverside Store
A320 8457 D-AVVF Yunnan Hongtu Airlines B-302Y fcs Midfield Store
A321 8461 D-AVZA VietJetAir fcs *** Riverside Store
A320 8464 D-AUBA Go Air VT-WGW fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8465 VT-IVZ IndiGo Airlines fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8467 D-AVVZ Vueling Airlines fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8469 D-AVZB British Airways G-NEOP fcs Dockside Store
A320 8472 D-AXAD Volaris XA-VRF fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8475 D-AXAG Lucky Air B-300K fcs Riverside Store
A320 8478 D-AXAH Qingdao Airlines B-302P fcs Midfield Store
A321 8480 D-AVZF Sichuan Airlines B-300D fcs Midfield Store
A320 8482 D-AXAM Go Air fcs Midfield Store
A320 8483 D-AXAP Air Astana P4-KBI rear only Outside
A321 8484 D-AVZJ Philippine Airlines RP-C9934 fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8486 D-AXAV Air India VT-EXN fcs Midfield Store (Area 2)
A320 8489 D-AXAY British Airways G-TTNH fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8491 D-AXAI Lufthansa D-AINN fcs Midfield Store
A320 8492 D-AVVE IndiGo Airlines VT-IZA fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8494 D-AUBJ Scandinavian Airlines System SE-ROM fcs Outside Hangar 14
A321 8496 D-AZAX Air New Zealand ZK-NNA fcs Hangar 241
A320 8497 D-AUBT Sky Airline CC-AZF fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8501 D-AVZH Vietnam Airlines VN-A616 fcs Midfield Store
A320 8504 D-AUBD Peach Aviation JA822P fcs Riverside Store
A320 8506 D-AUBV easyJet Airline G-UZHS fcs *** Riverside Store
A321 8508 D-AVZK easyJet Airline G-UZMF fcs Outside Hangar 14
A320 8513 D-AXAE Thai AirAsia HS-CBJ fcs *** Riverside Store
A320 8519 D-AXAF VivaColombia HK-5273 fcs Hangar 243
A320 8520 D-AXAL Thai AirAsia HS-CBL fcs Riverside Store
A320 8523 D-AVVD Sky Airline CC-AZD fcs Midfield Store
A321 8526 D-AVZQ British Airways G-NEOR fcs Hangar 244
A320 8528 D-AVVQ VivaAeroBus fcs Riverside Store
A320 8539 D-AUBX JetSMART fcs Midfield Store
A321 8542 D-AVZU Air New Zealand ZK-NNB tail cls Riverside Store
A320 8543 D-AVVB Royal Brunei Airlines V8-RBF fcs Riverside Store
A321 8545 D-AVZW Vietnam Airlines tail cls *** Hangar 213
A320 8546 D-AVVG Qingdao Airlines fcs Midfield Store
A319 8548 D-AVWF Yunnan Hongtu Airlines B-303T tail cls Outside Hangar 14
A321 8549 D-AVZY Cebu Pacific Air RP-C4116 tail cls Hangar 243
A321 8550 D-AVZZ Sichuan Airlines fcs Leak Test
A320 8551 D-AVVT Scandinavian Airlines System tail cls Delivery Centre
A321 8552 D-AZAG All Nippon Airways JA140A mated fuse Hangar 14
A321 8553 D-AZAH TAP Air Portugal CS-TJK tail cls *** Hangar 213
A321 8557 D-AVXF IndiGo Airlines tail cls Hangar 9
A320 8559 D-AUAB Lufthansa D-AINO tail cls Midfield Store
A320 8566 D-AUAD Scandinavian Airlines Ireland EI-SII tail cls Midfield Store
A321 8567 D-AVXJ Arkia 4X-AGK fuse and wings Hangar 9
A321 8568 D-AVXK Philippine Airlines RP-C9935 tail cls Hangar 9
A32S 8571 NO REG front and rear Outside
A321 8573 NO REG Air New Zealand fuse Hangar 9
A321 8577 NO REG VietJetAir tail cls Riverside Store
A320 8583 NO REG Go Air tail cls Hangar 14
A320 8584 NO REG Vueling Airlines tail cls Hangar 14
A321 8589 NO REG Vietnam Airlines tail cls Hangar 14
A320 8595 NO REG VivaColombia tail cls Hangar 14
A320 8599 NO REG white tail, primer fuse Hangar 14
A321 8600 NO REG Wizz Air tail cls Hangar 14
A32S 8605 NO REG front and rear Hangar 14
A321 8606 NO REG fuse and wings Hangar 14
A321 8608 NO REG rear only Hangar 9
A32S 8611 NO REG fuse Hangar 14
A32S 8612 NO REG rear only Hangar 260
A32S 8614 NO REG front only Outside
A32S 8615 NO REG rear only Outside
A32S 8616 NO REG front only Hangar 14
A32S 8634 NO REG rear only Outside
A32S 8624 NO REG rear only Outside
A32S 8627 NO REG rear only Hangar 260
A32S 8629 NO REG rear only Hangar 260
A32S 8632 NO REG rear only Outside
A32S 8638 NO REG rear only Outside
A32S 8647 NO REG rear only Hangar 260
A32S 8650 NO REG rear only Hangar 260
A32S 8652 NO REG rear only Hangar 260
A32S 8659 NO REG rear only Outside
A32S 8764 NO REG rear only Outside
A380 162 F-WWSL Emirates Airline A6-EVB fcs Midfield Store
A380 249 F-WWSM Emirates Airline A6-EVD tail cls, white fuse Midfield Store
A380 252 F-WWSY Emirates Airline A6-EVF tail cls Midfield Store
A380 262 F-WWSH All Nippon Airways JA380A tail cls Hangar 212

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