LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 30/09/2018

Log and photos in slideshow with credit to Polski Photos

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Air airshow here over the weekend 29-30 September gave a chance to view some of the ATRs/Airbus aircraft here from closer quarters. Unfortunately on the Sunday when I visited all the hangars were shut up. Everything not in brackets was read off or confirmed from photos.

Main Ramp
F-WWDL Airbus A320 271NSL 7811 West Air

F-WWID Airbus A320 271NSL 7849 West Air

F-WWIO Airbus A320 251NSL 8184 Zhejiang Loong Airlines B-1232 under wing

SX-ABE Airbus A319 132 [2396] no titles basic Olympus Airways logo.

F-WKVG ATR 42 600 [1216] Silver Airways 401 on nwd. Name on top of tail “Bandit”

F-WNUF ATR 42 600 [1217] Silver Airways 402 on nwd. Name on top of tail “Sandy”

F-WNUG ATR 42 600 [1219] Silver Airways 403 on nwd. Name on top of tail “Sunny”

Note: these also have other names on the forward fuselage which I only noticed when looking at my photos but I listed the names on top of the tails as it may make identification of them easier when viewing from outside. I’m assuming these are all names of the Flamingos on the tail

F-WNUA ATR 72 600 1047 Fastjet JJ on nwd

F-WNUC ATR 72 600 1060 Fastjet JK on nwd

F-WNUD ATR 72 600 1072 Fastjet JL on nwd
ZS-XZC ATR 72 600 1076 A/W

F-WWER ATR 72 600 1514 Indigo YN on nwd

F-WWET ATR 72 600 1516 Wings Abadi

F-WWEU ATR 72 600 1517 Indigo YO on nwd

[YV2308] ATR 42 300 [061] DHL colours no reg worn. Venezuelan Flag on fwd fuselage
A6-RRA EMB-145 [145398] Rotana Jet [no Engines]

I-SKYB EMB-120 [120087] no engines many parts missing

Air Show static/Flying [not a full list just transports/turbos]

F-WWEY ATR 72 600 [098] ATR Flew in AM

F-HMTO ATR 42 300 [078] Meteo France [Based Francazal]

F-RBAL A400M 0062 AdlA [ET 01.0061]


F-AZVM N2501 105 Ex Adla 105 coded 62-SI

G-PBYA Catalina flies as 433915


Far side [Military Ramp]

[F-WWEK] ATR 72 600 1485 A/W

F-WWEV ATR 72 600 1518 Wings Abadi Air

F-WTAQ ATR 72 600 [1498] Turkish Navy / Primer

F-WWEZ ATR 72 600 1493 Wings Abadi Air

F-WTBY ATR 72 600 [1474] Avianca Argentina

F-WWEN ATR 72 600 1511 Primer [For Iranair]

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