-3x Wings ATR’s
-2x White ATR’s, no regs
-2x White ATR’s hidden on West end of apron

565 FWKVE Passaredo
1047 FWNUA Fastjet
1060 FWNUC Fastjet
1072 FWNUD Fastjet
1216 FWWLU Silver
1217 FWWLV Silver
1219 FWWLV Silver
1456 FWWEE Alliance Air
1473 FWWEL Alliance Air
1474 FWTBY Avianca
1485 FWWEK White
1512 FWWEP Indigo
1514 FWWER Indigo
1517 FWWEU Indigo

2016 SPHAD Small Planet
2396 SXABE Olympus
7811 FWWDL West Air
7849 FWWID West Air

5847/61-PP French AF

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