PK-WJF msn 1481 delivered as PKWJF ( hexcode 8A06AD ) ex F-WWEG
ZK-MVW msn 1525 delivered as SXI1815 ( hexcode C8276C ) ex F-WWEE


AIB03IV F-WWIV / VT-IZE msn 8540 IndiGo
AIB03TS F-WWTS / B-1247 msn 8084 Capital Airlines

N337FR msn 8380 delivered as N337FR ( hexcode A3B05D ) ex F-WWBY
G-TTNF msn 8408 delivered as BAW9253 ( hexocde 407536 ) ex F-WWBD
HK-5276 msn 8485 delivered as VVC5276 ( hexocde 0AC3CF ) ex F-WWIY
CC-AWF msn 8493 delivered as JAT9001 ( hexcode E80605 ) ex F-WWBS


F-WWIW msn 248 first A350 for China Eastern as B-304D noted in fcs on flightline by @Eurospot
F-WWIW Airbus A350 China Eastern
Credit : @Eurospot

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