F-WWEJ / RP-C7290 AT76 msn 1530 Cebu Pacific


AIB01BB F-WWBB / CC-AWH msn 8574 JetSmart
Airbus A320 JetSmart Argentina CC-AWH
Credit : French Painter
AIB01IS  F-WWIS / B-1245 MSN 8204 Capital Airlines
AIB02BK F-WWBK / B-1249 msn 7952 Capital Airlines
AIB02II F-WWII / B-1246 8122 Capital Airlines
AIB01IP F-WWIP / V8-RBG msn 8564  Royal Brunei ( TLS – CHR ) (was 2nd flight so should have been AIB02IP)


AIB03CZ F-WWCZ /  B-304K msn 1899 Hainan Airlines ( CHR – TLS )
F-WWCZ Airbus A330 Hainan
Credit : @Eurospot

B-1042 msn 1862 delivered as CBJ1042 ( hexcode 78131D ) ex F-WWKY


AIB01GL F-WZGL / B-LXG msn 252 Cathay Pacific
First flight msn252 F-WZGL 29/10/2018
Credit : A380_TLS_A350
AIB04NK F-WZNK / A7-ANE msn 141 Qatar Airway
AIB04NK msn141 29/10/2018
Credit : A380_TLS_A350

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