LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 6TH NOVEMBER 2018

Seen between 22:00 on the 6th and 07:00 on 7th.

F-WWBP / B-???? Airbus A320-214 msn 8604 Chengdu Airlines


1408 no reg primer ( serial contained letters JC )
1522 WWEB BKP fcs (HS-PZK tail) ( into ATR hanger around midnight)
1527 WWEG aws + red nose (like DAT but no titles yet)
1530 WWEJ Cebu fcs ( into ATR hanger around midnight)
1532 (WWEL) primer ( in ATR hanger )

Flightline terminal side IGO fcs + 2 x primer
Midfield ramp 1x aws + 1x primer (appeared overnight)


7181 (WWBT) aws FL
(7757) WXAX NKS fcs AFI Ramp
7811 WWDL CHB fcs DC
7849 WWID CHB fcs DC
7851 WWBI NKS fcs DC Hangered
8122 WWII CBJ fcs DC
8204 WWIS CBJ fcs DC
(8275) WXAV NKS fcs AFI Ramp
(8443) (WWDF) KNE fcs DC hanger
(8470) (WWIR) AIC fcs Star c/s ATR hanger
8487 WWBZ AXM fcs DC
(8505) (WWBH)EZY fcs FL (towed to FL 6am )
(8514) (WWDK) AXM FL
85(18) (WWBF) CSN fcs Fuel Test
8558 WWBU IGO fcs DC
(8561) (WWDQ) VVC fcs FL
8569 WWDG CSN fcs AFI Ramp
8572 WWIU CDC fcs AFI Ramp ( towed from FL 22ish )
8574 WWBB JAT fcs DC
8585 WWDZ DKH fcs FL
8590 WWIN HXA fcs FL
8601 WWDE VLG fcs FL AFI Ramp
8604 WWBP UEA fcs Fuel Corner
8613 GOW to FL
8621 WWDY GOW fcs outside A320 FAL for a bit
8627 WWIM IGO fcs FL
8630 (WW??) IGO to (with engines) Fuel Test Corner

IGO fcs FL
IGO fcs FL
IGO fcs FL
GOW fcs DC hangered


1847 WWKU CBJ fcs DC
1850 WWYO TAP fcs FL
1863 WWKI CRK fcs A380 ramp
(1866) (WWYM) LKE fcs DC
1870(WWKS) WOW fcs – Storage ramp 380 area
1871 WWKV CHH fcs
(1884) (WWCN) MAU fcs
(1886) EC-332 yellow primer DC
1897 (WWYT) TAP to + storage primer A380 ramp
(1895) (WWKR) AZU blue TO A380 ramp ( NY on tail )
1899 (WWCZ) CHH fcs A380 ramp
1901 () primer A380 engine run bay
1902 (WWKO) CHH to A380 ramp
1904 (WWKJ) TAP ( forgot to write if fcs or TO ) OPH
1907 WWKA CHH to OPH
1909 () TAP to A380 engine run bay
1910 WWCM SZN to FL
1912 (WWKJ) CSC to OPH

CRK fcs Flightline
CHH/CRK fcs Flightline ( but parked round a bit where test A320s normally are )
Primer A330 – A380 engine test ramp


141 WZNK QTR One World c/s DC
216 WZNY SIA fcs FL
229 (WZNG) QTR primer A330 OPH
231 WZNO CCA fcs FL
233 WZHF CPA fcs FL
238 WZGP SIA fcs FL
241 WZGC QTR primer A380 ramp
248 WWIW CES fcs FL
249 (WWTW) QTR primer A380 ramp
(255) (WZGA) DLH fcs FL
263 WZFV SIA fcs FL
264 WZGB FIN fcs FL (appeared overnight)
265 WZGO TAM to A380 ramp
269 WZFS CCA to A380 ramp
277 WZNN DAL to A380 OPH
278 (WZGU) SIA to A330 OPH
279 (WZNP) HVN to A380 ramp
280 WZNA PAL to A380 OPH storage ramp
(281) WZGT CSC to A330 OPH
283 WZFY CRK to ( towed from outside hanger C63 to ?? at about midnight )
284 (WZFQ) CCA to FL ( being towed at 7am )

CSC white c/s FL
ETH fcs FL
QTR fcs FL
CRK fcs DC
CRK fcs DC
CHH/CRK fcs A380 storage ramp
CES to A380 ramp
258 WWST EK fcs no titles A380 Ramp
259 WWSA EK to A380 ramp

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