F-WWEM / PK-WJP AT76 msn 1533 Wings

F-WWLH / JA07JC msn 1408 noted painted today by @Eurospot
F-WWLH ATR Japan Air Commuter
Credit :  @Eurospot


AIB02DC F-WWDC / EC-NAZ msn 8648 Vueling
Vueling Airbus A320-271N cn 8648 F-WWDC // EC-NAZ
Credit : Clément Alloing
AIB05IH F-WWIH  / VT-WJB msn 8613 Go Air

B-301Y msn 8518 delivered as B301Y ( hex code 7814FB ) ex F-WWBF
G-TTNG msn 8431  delivered as BAW9251 ( hexcode 407537 ) ex F-WWDR
G-TTNG Airbus A320 Neo British Airways
Credit : @Eurospot


AIB04CR F-WWCR / B-303C msn 1896 Hainan Airlines
AIB99KA F-WWKA / B- msn 1907 Hong Kong Airlines ferried to TSN
F-WWKA Airbus A330 Hong Kong Airlines
Credit : @Eurospot


AIB01FT F-WZFT / B- msn 270 Hainan
AIB01FT msn270 29/11/2018
Credit : A380_TLS_A350
AIB01NC F-WZNC / B-LGI msn 260 Hong Kong Airlines
AIB01NC msn260 29/11/2018
Credit : A380_TLS_A350
B-301D msn 248 delivered as CES299 ( hex code 781581 ) ex F-WWIW
Msn248 B-304D 29/11/2018
Credit : A380_TLS_A350

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