LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder 01-12-2018

Log with credit to Marcus. Seen XFW 1/12 . 12.00-17.00

Delivery Centre
ZK-NNB A321 8542 Air New Zealand
D-AXAJ A320 8418 Aeroflot
D-AYAJ A321 8277 Air Astana
D-AUBD A320 8504 Peach Aviation
D-AVXL A321 8571 S7 Airlines
D-AUAD A320 8566 SAS Towed to Midfield area
D-AVYH A320 8257 Turkish Airlines
No reg A321 8289 Vietjetair primer, tail c/s
D-AVVG A320 8546 Qingdao Airlines
D-AUAH A320 8597 Chengdu Airlines
D-AUBO A320 8439 Chengdu Airlines
N538VL A320 8366 Volaris
JA139A A321 8524 ANA
D-AUBN A320 8445 GoAir
D-AVVN A320 8098 West Air
D-AVVR A320 8166 LATAM Airlines
D-AUBC A320 8529 LATAM Airlines
D-AVXF A321 8557 Indigo Airlines
D-AVYJ A321 8625 Wizz
D-AUAG A320 8595 Viva Aerobus
D-AVVU A320 8140 LATAM Airlines
D-AZAG A321 8552 ANA
D-AUBP A320 8206 Indigo Airlines
D-AVYX A321 8664 Sichuan Airlines
D-AUAC A320 8565 Vueling

Midfield area
D-AVXS A321 8591 TAP Air Portugal
D-AVYW A321 8660 China Southern
D-AVZH A321 8501 Vietnam Airlines
D-AVXN A321 8575 Interjet
D-AUAC A320 8565 Vueling Airlines
D-AUAI A320 8599 jetSmart
D-AVYC A321 8608 Cebu Pacifc Air
D-AUAK A320 8622 Lufthansa
D-AVYT A321 8653 Sichuan Airlines
D-AUAJ A320 8611 Spirit Airlines
D-AVYO A321 8644 Wizz Air
D-AVXM A321 8573 ANZ fcs landed approx 14.00 taxied back Midfield
F-WWSK A380 248 Emirates
D-AUAL A320 8632 Spirit Airlines
D-AUBB A320 8686 Loong Air

Riverside area
D-AUAP A320 8657 Viva Aerobus
D-AZAR A321 8415 China Southern was towed from Riverside
D-AXAY A320 8489 British Airways
D-AYAD A321 8637 British Airways
D-AYAG A321 8271 Wizz Air
D-AVYB A321 8606 Cebu Pacifc Air
D-AVYE A321 8615 Sichuan Airlines
D-AZAK A321 8436 Vietjetair
F-WXAU A320 7788 Spirit Airlines
D-AVZK A321 8508 easyJet
D-AUAE A320 8583 GoAir
D-AVXQ A321 8587 Indigo Airlines
+ ?. Possibly 8655 Indigo Riverside
+ ?? Possibly 8038 D-AXAR Spirit not ID

D-AVYL A321 8629 Air New Zealand primer, tail c/s, no-reg painted
D-AVVO A320 8172 LATAM Airlines
D-AVZB A321 8469 British AW
A321 (8734) DAL fuse sections and Tcs fn 3072

8645 West now mated fuselage TC
8698 Spring TC
8678 Vietnam TC
8713 Delta TC (fn3072)
8715 ANZ TC
8661 Scoot H14N
Unidentified 320 blue/gold/white tcs poss Air Luther (8638)??
D- A320 8691 Sky Air Lines primer, tail c/s

Outside H14
D-AVXB A321 6839 Airbus Industrie
D- A320 8693 West TC  Sky Airlines TC outside H14
D-AVYF A321 8617 THY fcs

8483 Air Astana unmated fuse/tail
8699 Vietnam fuse/wings
8718 BA Fuse

(8475) Lucky not read off but only one recently reported on post/prod here
(8647) AAL not read off but only one recently repoted on post/prod here
D-AVWH/B305L A319 8616 Air Travel fcs
D-AVYG/RP-C9936 A321 8619 Philippines fcs
D-AZAW A321 8454 easyJet fcs
D-AUAW A320 8680 Lufthansa fcs
249 F-WWSM Emirates
256 F-WWAD Emirates
Sichuan fcs A321 unid ?

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