F-WWEX / ?? msn 1543  Unknown
HK-5292 msn 1520 delivered as GCW1520 ex F-WWEX


AIB01DJ F-WWDJ / N910NK msn 8668 Spirit Airlines
AIB02IE F-WWIE / EC-NBA msn 8665 Vueling
AIB03IX F-WWIX / G-UZHT msn 8662 Easyjet
AIB04BV F-WWBV / VT-IZM msn 8630 IndiGo Airlines
AIB10ID F-WWID / ????  msn 7849 West Air NTU?


AIB01FQ F-WZFQ / B- msn 284 Air China
First Flight msn284 F-WZFQ 12/12/2018
Credit :  A380_TLS_A350

AIB03FN F-WZFN / B-LXH msn 258 Cathay Pacific Caf msn258 F-WZFN 12/12/2018
Credit : A380_TLS_A350
AIB04FC F-WZFC / 9V-SGG msn 244 Singapore Airlines
AIB04FC msn244 12/12/2018
Credit : A380_TLS_A350

The first A350 for Evelop msn 293 F-WZFH was photographed by @Eurospot now on the A380 ramp.
F-WZFH Airbus A350 Evelop
Credit : @Eurospot

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