LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 13-01-2019

Log with credit to Dan see at Francazal on Sunday 13/1/19 between 1135-1200


NO-REG AT43 61 DHL cls [ex YV2308]
A2-ABO AT45 511 Air Botswana fcs
A2-ABP AT45 512 Air Botswana fcs
HS-PGG AT75 692 white cls
I-ADLW AT75 707 white cls
A2-ABR AT75 786 Air Botswana fcs
F-WKVD AT75 829 white cls
OY-YCF AT76 969 white cls
OY-YCR AT76 1027 white cls
F-WNUC AT76 1060 Fastjet fcs (JK on nwd)
F-WNUD AT76 1072 Fastjet fcs (JL on nwd)
ZS-XZC AT76 1076 white cls
F-WNUF AT46 1217 Silver Airways fcs (402 on nwd, N402SV on tail under tape)
F-WWLC AT46 1403 Silver Airways fcs (405 on nwd, N405SV on tail)
F-WWEK AT76 1485 white cls
F-WTAQ AT76 1498 white tail cls, primer
F-WWEU AT76 1517 IndiGo fcs (YO on nwd)
F-WWEH AT76 1528 white cls
F-WWEI AT76 1529 IndiGo fcs (YP on nwd)
F-WWEK AT76 1531 white cls, primer undercarriage bay
F-WWEL AT76 1532 IndiGo fcs (YQ on nwd)
F-WWEN AT76 1534 white cls
F-WWEU AT76 1540 white cls
NO-REG AT75 ???? white cls

SX-ABE A319 2396 Olympus Airways basic cls
5B-DCZ A320 2875 white cls, Cobalt titles
EI-GIB A20N 8371 Hong Kong Express fcs
EI-GII A20N 8430 Hong Kong Express fcs
2-RLBD B738 30007 Andes fcs
I-SKYB E120 120087 white cls, Skybridge titles
A6-RRA E145 145398 Rotana Jet cls

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