Log below for XFW, I have not noted locations of bits and if there is a front and rear noted without location (3 frames), then the front and rear were not in the same location.
l’ll start with the required tie-ups first….
River Store
Indigo A321 fcs
GoAir A320 fcs
China Southern A321 fcs

Dock Side 
Latam A320 fcs

Paint Hangars 
Indigo A321 fcs
Primer A320

Hangar 244 
Spring A320 fcs

Hangar  241 
Turkish A321 fcs
easyJet A320 fcs
Spirit A320 fcs

Hangar 242  
American A320 fcs
Emirates A380 fcs,

Hangar 213 
Alaska A321 fcs (?)
Volaris A320 fcs (?)
TAP A320 tails cls,

Hangar 214 
Vietnam Airlines A320 fcs

Now the log….   as usual any comments or corrections are welcome.
Type Con Reg Operator As State Location
A321 8103 D-AVZE S7 Airlines VQ-BDI fcs Riverside Store
A320 8140 D-AVVU LATAM Airlines CC-BHD fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8166 CC-BHC LATAM Airlines   fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8271 D-AYAG Wizz Air HA-LTB fcs Riverside Store
A321 8277 D-AYAJ Air Astana P4-KDF fcs *Assumed Hangar 244
A321 8289 D-AVYN VietJetAir VN-A693 tail cls Riverside Store
A320 8445 D-AUBN Go Air VT-WGU fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8469 D-AVZB British Airways G-NEOP fcs *Assumed Hangar 246
A320 8483 D-AXAP Air Astana P4-KBI fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8501 D-AVZH Vietnam Airlines VN-A616 fcs Hangar 242
A321 8508 D-AVZK easyJet Airline G-UZMF fcs Midfield Store
A321 8531 D-AVZG LATAM Airlines   rear only  
A321 8587 D-AVXQ IndiGo Airlines VT-IUB fcs Riverside Store
A320 8597 D-AUAH Chengdu Airlines   fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8610 D-AVYD China Southern Airlines B-303X fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8629 D-AVYL Air New Zealand ZK-NND fcs Midfield Store
A321 8631 D-AVYM China Southern Airlines B-303J fcs Riverside Store
A320 8638 D-AUAN Corporate   tail cls Hangar 14
A321 8644 D-AVYO Wizz Air HA-LTG fcs Hangar 7
A320 8645 D-AUAO West Air   fcs Midfield Store
A321 8647 N400AN American Airlines   fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8649 D-AVYS Vietnam Airlines VN-A620 fcs Midfield Store
A321 8653 D-AVYT Sichuan Airlines B-305S fcs Riverside Store
A321 8655 D-AVYU IndiGo Airlines VT-IUC fcs Hangar 14 North
A320 8674 EC-NCF Vueling Airlines   fcs Hangar 103
A320 8691 D-AUBL Sky Airline CC-AZH fcs Midfield Store
A320 8693 D-AUBM Sky Airline CC-AZG fcs # Not seen by all Midfield Store
A320 8698 D-AUBN Spring Airlines B-306P fcs Midfield Store
A321 8704 D-AYAH China Southern Airlines B-303K fcs Midfield Store
A321 8706 D-AYAI Air China B-305G fcs Delivery Centre
A320 8707 D-AUBQ AirAsia 9M-RAL fcs Midfield Store
A321 8710 D-AYAK IndiGo Airlines   fcs Leak Test
A321 8711 B-305H Air China   fcs Delivery Centre
A321 8712 D-AYAM Wizz Air HA-LVA fcs Dockside Store
A321 8714 D-AYAO Air Arabia A6-ATA fcs # Not seen by all Under Tow
A320 8715 D-AUBR Air New Zealand ZK-NHA fcs Leak Test
A320 8716 D-AUBS VivaColombia HK-5305 fcs Hangar 7
A321 8718 D-AYAP British Airways G-NEOT fcs Hangar 14 South
A321 8719 D-AYAQ China Southern Airlines B-303L fcs Midfield Store
A320 8725 D-AXAA Lufthansa D-AINR fcs Next to Hangar 222
A321 8727 D-AYAS Turkish Airlines TC-LSD fcs Leak Test
A320 8728 D-AXAC Lufthansa D-AINU fcs Leak Test
A321 8729 D-AYAT Vietnam Airlines VN-A623 fcs Midfield Store
A320 8730 D-AXAD JetSMART CC-AWI fcs Midfield Store
A321 8734 D-AYAW Delta Air Lines N373DX fcs Hangar 7
A321 8735 D-AYAX Wizz Air HA-LVB tail cls Hangar 9
A320 8737 D-AXAQ IndiGo Airlines VT-IZQ fcs Hangar 7
A321 8744 D-AZAB Sichuan Airlines   fcs Hangar 243
A321 8747 D-AZAD Vietnam Airlines VN-A624 fcs Midfield Store
A321 8750 D-AZAE American Airlines N402AN rear only  
A320 8754 D-AVVA Uzbekistan Airways UK32021 fcs Hangar 14 South
A321 8755 D-AZAJ Air Transat   fuse and wings Hangar 9
A320 8757 D-AVVE Go Air   fcs Riverside Store
A321 8761 D-AZAM Lufthansa D-AIEA tail cls Hangar 243
A321 8762 D-AZAN VietJetAir   tail cls Hangar 14
A321 8769 D-AZAT Vietnam Airlines VN-A503 tail cls Dockside Store
A320 8774 D-AVVI Corporate T7-HHH tail cls Dockside Store
A321 8776 D-AZAV Sichuan Airlines   tail cls Hangar 14
A320 8777 D-AVVV Air Macau B-MCL tail cls Midfield Store
A320 8785 D-AVVP Go Air   tail cls Under Tow
A320 8788 D-AVVY Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras PR-YRZ tail cls Hangar 14
A321 8790 D-AVZC VietJetAir   tail cls Hangar 14
A321 8796 D-AVZD Azores Airlines   rear only  
A320 8797 D-AUBT AirAsia   tail cls Hangar 14
A321 8802 NO REG China Southern Airlines   front and rear, unmated Hangar 14
A321 8819 NO REG Alaskan Airlines   fuse and wings, no tail Hangar 14
A32S 8823 NO REG     rear only  
A32S 8824 NO REG     front and rear, unmated  
A321 8825 NO REG     front and rear, unmated  
A320 8826 NO REG Uzbekistan Airways   tail cls Hangar 9
A32S 8832 NO REG     mated fuse Hangar 14
A32S 8840 NO REG     front and rear, unmated  
A32S 8849 NO REG     rear only  
A32S 8853 NO REG     rear only  
A32S 8866 NO REG     rear only  
A32S 8867 NO REG     front only  
A32S 8878 NO REG     rear only  
A32S 8889 NO REG     rear only  
A32S 8894 NO REG     rear only  
A32S 8900 NO REG     rear only  
A32S 8901 NO REG     rear only  
A32S 8905 NO REG     rear only  
A32S 8973 NO REG     rear only  
A32S 8974 NO REG     rear only  
A32S 9009 NO REG     rear only  
A350 277 F-WZNN Delta Air Lines N513DZ fcs Midfield Store
A380 262 F-WWSH All Nippon Airways JA381A fcs Midfield Store
A380 263 F-WWAF All Nippon Airways JA382A tail cls Hangar 243

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