LOG: Monchengladbach (MGL) 24/02/2019

Log and photo with credit to Marcus, seen Monchengladbach 24/2/19 11.45-12.15


ZS-OVR ATR72 116 DHL yellow cs fuse only
F-GVZU ATR72 499 all white
S5-ACK ATR72 369 mainly white
G-ISLI ATR72 529 Flybe cs
2-ATRA ATR72 1318 Transasia fcs
2-ATRB ATR72 1222 Transasia fcs
2-ATRC ATR72 1133 Transasia fcs
2-ATRD ATR72 1145 all white
2-ATRE ATR72 1198 all white
2-ATRF ATR72 1251 Transasia fcs
2-ATRG ATR72 1261 Transasia fcs
2-MFIF ATR72 1259 all white
2-MFIG ATR72 1262 all white


D-CNRZ J31 703 multicoloured on dump
YL-TAE CE414 stored

Biz RAS ramp
D-IEMO Premier
D-IKGT Premier
N390MB Premier
T7-HDJ Honda
VP-CED Honda
T7-RAS Honda
VQ-BHO Avanti

Being a Sunday the large RAS Hangar was shut.

Other areas
TJ-ROA Citation 550
D-CCSD Citation 650
SP-KBM Citation 500 stored

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