F-WWEB / VT-IYU AT76 msn 1545 IndiGo Airlines ( TLS – LFBF )
F-WWEF / HS-PZO AT76 msn 1549 Bangkok Airways


AIB01IP F-WWIP / PK-LZK msn 8798  Batik Air
F-WWIP Airbus A320 Batik
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB02BX F-WWBX / A9C-TB msn 8779 Gulf Air
Airbus A320 Neo Gulf Air A9C-TB
Credit : French Painter
AIB02IB F-WWIB / TC-NBZ msn 8792 Pegasus Airlines


AIB03CN F-WWCN / 3B-NBU msn 1884 Air Mauritius
F-WWCN Airbus A330 Neo Air Mauritius
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB04YZ F-WWYZ / CS-TUF msn 1900 TAP Air Portugal


B-307C msn 284 delivered as CCA080 ( hexcode 781642 ) ex F-WZFQ
Delivery Flight msn284 B-307C 27/2/2019
Credit : A380_TLS_A350


AIB04SH  F-WWSH / JA380A msn 262 ANA
All Nippon Airways ANA Airbus A380-841 cn 262 F-WWSH // JA381A
Credit : Clément Alloing

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  1. Can I ask how many Silver ATRs are still at Francazal ? and any ferry registrations known for the Atlantic crossing yet. Thanks in advance . Paul


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