LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 02/03/2019

Log with credit to Wayne seen Saturday morning in TLS.

Outside ATR hangar

1559 ATR-72 Primer

1564 ATR-72 Primer

And elsewhere…

F-WWLE ATR-42 1405

F-WWLF ATR-42 1406 Primer

F-WWEE ATR-72 1548 primer

HS-PZN? ATR-72 (1546) Bangkok Airways – Bad angle

HS-PZO ATR-72 1549 Bangkok Airways

F-WWEG ATR-72 1550 Indigo

F-WKVC ATR-72 All white – c/n ?

Plus a few more


Outside A330 production hall

F-WWKT A330 1920 Delta (logged as fcs but seems unlikely) – Fleet 3402

F-WWCK A330 1924 Azul (tail)

F-WZFI A350 313 LATAM (tail)

F-WZGA A350 314 Lufthansa (tail)


Delivery centre

F-WWDF A320 8743 West Air (parked at far end)

F-WWDZ A320 8752 West Air (parked at far end)

F-WWBX A320 8779 Gulf Air (hangar)

F-WWDL A320 8784 Chengdu

TC-NBZ A320 8792 Pegasus

F-WWIR A320 8795 AirAsia

EC-340 / MRTT054 A330MRTT (1830) Primer

CS-TUF A330 (1900) TAP

9H-SZN A330 (1910) Air Senegal

F-WZHC A350 287 Lufthansa (parked at far end)

I think that there was a Go Air A320 inside the hangar.


Outside Air France hangar

N915NK (7851) A320 Spirit


Engine run up bay (storage)

F-WWKS A330 1870 Wow

F-WWCU A330 1887 Wow

F-WWKR A330 1895 Azul (tail) – NY on tail


A380 area

F-WBXS A330 Beluga XL 1833 (tail)

F-WWKI A330 1863 Hong Kong Airlines

F-WWCN A330 1884 Air Mauritius

F-WWYL A330 1903 Primer

F-WWCL A330 1909 TAP

F-WWYR A330 1913 Primer / Black tail – For TAP in Star Alliance colours

F-WWYH A330 1917 Lucky Air (tail)

F-WWYQ A330 1918 TAP

F-WWCT A330 1921 TAP (tail)

(F-WWYD) A330 1922 TAP (tail)

(F-WZGR) A350 (246) Hong Kong Airlines

(F-WWAW) A350 (251) Hong Kong Airlines

F-WZNC A350 260 Hong Kong Airlines

F-WZGN A350 274 All white


F-WZFY A350 283 Hong Kong Airlines (tail)

(F-WZHH) A350 295 Primer / White

F-WZFR A350 299 Hong Kong Airlines (tail)

F WWDW A350 300 Finnair (tail)

F-WZHE A350 301 Asiana

F-WZGQ A350 307 China Eastern (tail)

F-WZFU A350 308 Hainan (tail)

F-WZNJ A350 311 Air China (tail) Star Alliance colours

F-WZNK A350 312 Iberia (tail)

F-WWNY A350 319 Primer/White tail

F-WWSM A380 249 Emirates

F-WWST A380 258 Emirates (tail)

F-WWSH A380 262 ANA – Smart blue colour scheme
A330/350 flight line

N173UP A300 868 UPS

(F-WWKM) A330 (1819) TAP

F-WWCJ A330 1844 RwandAir

F-WWYP A330 1876 Azul

F-WWCQ A330 (1906) TAP – From FR24

F-WWCD A330 1908 TAP (tail)

(F-WWYN) A330 1923 Air Senegal (tail)

F-WZNG A350 (229) Qatar – From FR24

F-WWAW A350 251 Hong Kong Airlines

(F-WZGT) A350 281 Sichuan (tail)

F-WZNZ A350 285 Hainan

(F-WZHG) A350 (286) Cathay Pacific

F-WZFK A350 289 Ethiopian

(F-WZGW) A350 (292) Lufthansa

F-WZHJ A350 293 Evelop

F-WZGF A350 296 Cathay Pacific

F-WZFZ A350 297 Vietnam (tail)

F-WZFP A350 305 Singapore (tail)

? A350 Asiana (224 as 234 is in XFW)

Plus A350 9V-SHD (278) departed the previous evening


A320 area

(F-WWDV) A320 (8495) LATAM

F-WWBT A320 (8801) GX Airlines

F-WWIU A320 (8805) GX Airlines

(F-WWDE) A320 (8833) Air New Zealand

(F-WWDR) A320 (8835) Peach

(F-WWBP) A320 (8838) Jet Smart

F-WWDK A320 8842 Jetstar – Taxiing around all morning

(F-WWIG) A320 (8847) Peach

(F-WWDU) A320 (8860) Air Astana

F-WWDO A320 8862 Air India

8922 A320 – Front & rear

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