LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 09/03/2019

Log with credit to Carsten seen at Francazal 09/03/2019 1200h-1300h
ATR42 061 no reg full DHL c/s – wfu (as well as A6-RRA/I-SKYB)
ATR42 333 F-HBCS all white
ATR42 511 9H-AGW Air Botswana f/c
ATR42 512 9H-AGX Air Botswana f/c
ATR72 ?? F-WKVE all white
ATR42 621 2-LFEA Satena f/c
ATR72 706 2-GPIA FlyCAA f/c „ABD“ on nosewheel-door
ATR72 707 2-GPIB all white
ATR72 969 OY-YCF all white
ATR72 996 OY-YCO all white
ATR72 1033 OY-YCS all white
ATR72 1072 F-WNUD Fastjet f/c
ATR42 1219 F-WNUG Silver AW f/c
ATR42 1403 N405SV Silver AW f/c
ATR72 1474 F-WTBY Avianca f/c
ATR72 1495 S2-AKG US Bangla f/c
ATR72 1529 F-WWEI Indigo f/c
ATR72 1532 F-WWEL Indigo f/c
ATR72 1534 F-WWEN all white
ATR72 1538 F-WWES Indigo f/c
ATR72 1540 F-WWEU all white
ATR72 1544 F-WWEZ Indigo f/c
ATR72 1545 F-WWEB Indigo f/c
ATR72 1548 F-WWEE primer & white tail
ATR72 1545 F-WWEB Indigo f/c

+ 1 ATR72 nor reg/no windows and +2 white tail parked between DHL and A6-RRA
A320 2173 F-WTDD all white
A319 2396 2-STRA all white & tail logo
A320 2496 YR-DSI all white & Just Us Air titles
A320 2875 F-WTBH all white (c/n tie up cfmd?)
A320 2920 F-WTBG all white (c/n tie up cfmd?)
A320N 8430 EI-GII Hong Kong Express f/c
A320N 8633 F-WWBN West Air f/c
A320N 8720 F-WWIF GO Air f/c
A320N 8732 F-WWBY Air Macau f/c
A320N 8733 F-WWIY Chongqing AL f/c
A320N 8736 F-WWBD GO Air f/c
B738 30567 2-RLBE Andes f/c

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