F-WWEL msn 1555 active on ground as ATR1555
F-WWEP msn 1558 active on ground as ATR1558


AIB08SX F-WWSX msn 868 United Parcel Service
AIB09SX F-WWSX msn 868 United Parcel Service


AIB01KI F-WWKI /B-LHF 1863 Hong Kong Airlines ( should have been AIB10KI?)

Airbus A330 Hong Kong Airlines B-LHF
Credit : French Painter
AIB02CJ F-WWCJ / 9XR-WS msn 1844 RawandAir
F-WWCJ // 9XR-WS RwandAir Airbus A330-941 MSN 1844
Credit : Florent Péraudeau
AIB31KM F-WWKM / CS-TUA msn 1819 TAP Air Portugal
F-WWKM // CS-TUA TAP - Air Portugal Airbus A330-941 MSN 1819
Credit : Florent Péraudeau


AIB01FK F-WZFK / ET-AWM msn 289 Ethiopian Airlines
AIB01FK msn289 13/3/2019
Credit : A380_TLS_A350

A7-AQA msn 265 active on ground with Qatar hex code.

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