LOG: Lourdes (LDE) 24-03-2019

Log and photo with credit to Marcus seen at Lourdes (LDE) 24/3/19 10.40-11.20


Right of hangar as looking from the terminal – (Scrapping compound)
(2-DRPA) A380 cn003 all white
(OE-IHG) A319 cn2452 Shaheen
3B-NBI A340 cn797 Air Mauritius
9H-DPD A380 cn008 all white
(Ex 9V-SKB) A380 cn005 all white
F-GLZS A340 cn310 Air France
OE-IGD A330 cn288 ex Air Berlin
(PR-ONM) A318 cn3585 Avianca
LV-CSD A340 cn123 Aerolineas Argentina

Left of hangar as looking from the terminal
2-RLAX A330 cn943 ex Vietnam, n/t
2-PAOH A330 cn811 Shaheen
2-RLAZ A330 cn819 Shaheen
9H-DPE A380 cn 010 all white
EI-EWH A330 cn891 ex Arik Air, n/t
F-WTBU A330 cn1019 all white
F-WWCB A330 cn871 Airbus cs
F-WXAF A340 cn264 Air China
F-WZNW A350 cn0004 Airbus cs
G-VFIZ A346 cn764 all white
HZ-AIW 744 cn28340 ex Saudia n/t
I-AIGJ 767 cn28039 Meridiana
LV-HVS A320 cn6103 ex Avianca, n/t
OE-IGY A319 cn2414 Shaheen
OE-IHA A320 cn2027 Shaheen
OE-IHE A320 cn1497 Shaheen
OE-IHN A320 cn1715 Small Planet
OE-IHQ A320 cn2029 Small Planet (PE nwd)
TF-GAY A330 cn1098 WOW
TF-LUV A330 cn1607 WOW
TF-WOW A330 cn1624!WOW
VN-A377 A330 cn962 ex Vietnam Airlines
VP-CIB E190 cn227 all white
LZ-AWT A319 cn1886 Germania
D-ASTU A319 cn3560 Germania
D-ASTT A319 cn3560 Germania

Near Terminal
CS-TFX A345 cn912 ex Arik Air
OE-IEZ A330 cn1157 Hong Kong Airlines

First batch away from Terminal – Terminal side
F-WHUG A345 cn457 all white
F-WJKJ A345 cn478 all white
F-WJKI A345 cn608 all white
F-WJKK A345 cn492 all white
F-WJKL A345 cn499 all white
(V8-001) A340 cn046 ex Government of Brunei

Second batch away from Terminal – Terminal side
2-BHXG A343 cn208 all white
EI-DDU A332 cn 463 all white
F-WJKO A343 cn243 Air China
OE-IFW A332 cn 535 all white
(3B-NBJ) A340 cn800 Air Mauritius basic c/s only name Lechamerel carried on nose

Last batch furthest away from Terminal – Terminal side
(EI-FSS) 772 cn 32701 Vietnam Als
(2-STEJ) A333 cn209 Thai Airways
(N100CL) A300 cn 529 all white
N835JM A300 cn259 DHL

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