LOG: Toulouse Blagnac 21-22/05/2019

Log and photos with credit to Marcus seen Toulouse (TLS) Tue 21st 19.00-21.00 & Weds 22nd 07.00-22.00


868. F-WWSX. A300F4-622R. UPS. fcs. FL

8635 F-WWDY. A320-271N. LATAM Brasil. fcs. FL.
8777 B-MCL. A320-271N. Air Macau. fcs. AF Industries
8902 D-AIWG. A320-214. Lufthansa. fcs. DC
892F-WWBG. A320-214. (Aero K) white. FL
8932mF-WWBO. A320-271N. IndiGo. fcs. FL. flew
8954 F-WWDA. A320-251N. Frontier Airlines. fcs. FL.
8967 F-WWIZ A320-271N Indigo fcs FL
8970 XA -WJS A320-251N. Interjet. fcs. DC
8978 VT-IJF. A320-271N. IndiGo. fcs. DC
8981 F-WWBB. A320-271N. Air China. fcs. FL. Flew
8983 F-WWIA. A320-251N. TAP Air Portugal. fcs. FL.
8986 F-WWII. A320-214. Peach Aviation. fcs. FL.
8991 F-WWDM. A320-251N. Air Asia. fcs. FL
8999 F-WWIV. A320-251N. Sky Airline. fcs.FL.
9001. F-WWDG. A320-214. Viva Aerobus. fcs. FL
9013 F-WWIS A320N Air China fcs FL
9014 F-WWBH. A320-251N. easyJet. fcs. FL.
9017 F-WWIB A320 Salam fcs Fuel test
9031 F-WWIN A320-271N Indigo tcs FL
9034 F- A320N Air Asia tcs in temp assembly hangar
9035 F-WWDR A320N CSN towed fr paint fcs to ATR hangar 21.5
9036 F- A320N Easyjet temp assembly hangar
9045 F-WWDF A320-271N Indigo tcs
Towed to paint 22.5
9047 F-WWBF. A320-251N. Sky Airline. towed to paint 21.5
9072 F- A320N Indigo tcs in temp assembly hangar
9107 front and rear towed to assembly hangar
9133 front and rear near FL

1824. F-WBXL/1. A330-743L. Airbus Tpt Intl. fcs. FL
1844. F-WWCJ. A330-941. Rwandair. fcs. DC
1853. F-WBXS/2. A330-743L. Airbus Tpt Intl. fcs. FL
1861. F-WWKQ. A330-941. Rwandair. fcs. A380 Area
1870. F-WWKS. A330-941. WOW Air ntu. fcs. Engine Run Bay
1887. F-WWCU. A330-941. WOW Air ntu. fcs. Engine Run Bay
1890. F-WWCX. A330-941. Air Mauritius. fcs. 380 ramp.
1895 F-WWKR Azul basic tcs towed to A380 Area
1900. CS-TUF. A330-941. TAP Air Portugal. fcs. DC
1901 F-WWYG Asia X fcs A380area
1906 F-WWCQ TAP fcs FL
1913 F-WWYR. A330-941. TAP Air Portugal (Star Alliance). fcs. 330 Hgr ramp. (CS-TUK)
1914 F-WWYU. A330-941. TAP Air Portugal. fcs.A380A
1915 N401DZ A330-941. Delta. fcs. DC
1916 F-WWYH. A330-243MRTT. (Armee de l’Air). primer. FL flew
1919 F-WWCS. A330-243MRTT. (NATO/Klu). primer. A380a then towed poss EC-331? Under wing)
1922 F-WWYD TAP fcs A380a then move for Engine runs
1923 F-WWYN. A330-941. Air Senegal. Visible in A330 hangars
1925 F-WWCG. A330-941. TAP Air Portugal. to. 380 ramp.
1927 F-WWYJ. A330-941. Lion Air. to. 380a fcs
1928 F-WWCE SAS fcs A380a to A330 Hangars
1932 F-WWKP. A330-202. Level. FL
1933 F-WWCO. A330-941. Thai Lion Air. to. Eng test bay
1934 F-WWYF A330-941 Azul basic tail cs ‘NW’ A330 hangars
1935 F-WWYY. A330-941. Delta. A380a
1938 F-WWYV Air Calin tcs A330 hangars to Eng test bay

249. F-WWTW. A350-1041. Qatar Airways. fcs. DC
251. F-WWAW. A350-941. Hong Kong Airlines. fcs. 380 ramp (north)
260. F-WZNC. A350-941. Hong Kong Airlines. FL
281. B-306N. A350-941. Sichuan Airlines (spcl). fcs. DC Delivered to TSN
282. F-WZGS. A350-941. LATAM Brasil. fcs. FL
283. F-WZFY. A350-941. Hong Kong Airlines. to. 380 ramp (North).
285. F-WZNZ. A350-941. Hainan Airlines. to. 380 ramp (North)
290. F-WZNI. A350-1041. Etihad Airways. fcs. DC
298. F-WZNU. A350-1041. primer/white fin (for Virgin). FL.
299. F-WZFR. A350-941. Hong Kong Airlines. A380 ramp
301. F-WZHE. A350-941. Asiana. fcs. FL.
306 F-WZHK/B-LXL Cathay fcs
DC flew
307. F-WZGQ. A350-941. China Eastern Airlines. fcs. FL. Flew
308. F-WZFU. A350-941. Hainan Airlines. Tcs 330 Hgr area
310. F-WZFA. A350-941. Ethiopian Airlines. fcs. DC
311. F-WZNJ. A350-931. Air China (Star Alliance). fcs. DC
312. F-WZNK. A350-941. Iberia. fcs. DC Flew
316. F-WZNL. A350-941. Singapore Airlines. fcs. FL.
318. F-WZGP. A350-941. China Southern Airlines. fcs. FL
321. F-WZHF. A350-941. Japan Air Lines. fcs. FL.
325. F-WWIW. A350-941. French Bee. fcs. FL. RTOx2
330. F-WZFO. A350-1041. Etihad Airways. FL
331. F-WZFN. A350-941. Air France. A380 ramp
336. F-WZFM. A350-1041. primer/white fin (for Virgin). A380a
337. F-WWBW. A350-941. Cathay Pacific. to. 380 ramp
338. F-WZFG. A350-941. (Capital Airlines). primer. 380 ramp
339. F-WZNX. A350-941. China Southern Airlines. 380north
340 F-WZFS BA tcs A330 hgr area
341 F-WZND Singapore A330
Hgr area

260 F-WWSD. A380-842. Emirates. 380a

EBACE 21.5 & TLS 22.5 043

1412 ATR 42-600. primer. ATR Hgr outside
1534 F-WWEN. ATR 72-600. white. FL
1548 ATR 72-600. primer. ATR Fit Hgr A4 customer code
1553 ATR 72-600. primer. ATR Hgr outside
1555 ATR 72-600. primer. ATR Fit Hgr
1558 F-WWEP. ATR 72-600. CebGo. fcs. FL. 92nwd Flew
1559 ATR 72-600. IndiGo. fcs. outside ATR FAL
1562 ATR 72-600. Air New Zealand Link. fcs. ATR Fit Hgr
1565 F-WWEW. ATR 72-600. primer. Flew
1567 F-WWEZ. ATR 72-600. Mandarin Airlines. fcs. ATE Paint Hgr towed back to ATR Hgr
1568 ATR 72-600. primer. ATR Fit Hgr
1569 F-WWEC. ATR 72-600. Japan Air Commuter. fcs. FL.
1571 F-WWEE. ATR 72-600. primer. ATR Fit Hgr
1572 F-WWEF/EC-NDR ATR 72-600. Binter FCS ATR Fit Hgr towed to ramp then back
1573 ATR72-600 primer ATR Fit Hgr
1574 ATR 72-600. primer. ATR Fit Hgr
1583 ATR72-600 primer ATR Hgr
1584 ATR 72-600. primer. ATR Hgr Outside

8 additional ATRs (all primer with stencil msns only dotted around FL area) unidentifiable
2 unidentified TAP A339 on FL

Requests: 2 Viva Columbia fcs both on FL (options 8960, 8994 & 9010) ATR

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