LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 07-09-2019

Log and photos with credit to Marcus.

1411 ATR42 (WWLK) Primer ATR Hgr
1415 ATR42 (WWL?) Primer ATR Hgr
1550 ATR72 WWEG Indigo ATR Hgr
1570 ATR72 WWED Indigo Outside ATR area
1583 ATR72 (WWER) Primer Latecoure Hgr + 1 other unid
1586 ATR72 (WWEU)Binter FL
1588 ATR72 (WWEW) Primer ATR Hgr
1592 ATR72 (WWEC) Primer Outside ATR area
1594 ATR72 (WWEE) Primer Outside ATR Prod line
1598 ATR72 (WWEI) Primer Latecoure
1599 ATR72 (WWEJ) Primer Latecoure


8784 A320 WWDL Chengdu DC
9037 A320 WTAM all white AFI
9064 A320 WWIT China Eastern DC
9075 A320 WXAY Spirit AFI
(9122) A320 (WWIY) all white FL
(9152) A320 (WWCI) Spirit Fit
Out to FL late PM
9159 A320 WWDS China Southern DC
(9169) A320 (WWDH) Ural FL
9184 A320 WWBQ Air China FL & Eng run up bay
(9185) A320 (WWBS) Chengdu FL
9186 A320 WWBM Air Travel FL & Eng run up bay
(9188)A320 (WWDI) Gulf Air FL
(9190) A320 (WWBB) Latam FL
(9193) A320 (W????) S7 FL
9194 A320 WWDA Jetsmart Fuel stat
9197 A320 WWDM Salam Fuel stat
(9200) A320 WWII GO FL
9239 A320 (WWDG) Spring fit out
9269 A320 WWIN Primer fuse fit out/Loong
9280 A320 W??? Primer fuse tail not seen
9320 A320 Fuse Midfield
9324 A320 Fuse Midfield
9325 A320 Fuse Midfield
10002 A320 WWBD Iberia DC


1844 A339 WWJC Rwandair DC
1861 A339 WWKQ Rwandair A380a
1863 A333 WWKI HK Al Eng run up bay
1870 A339 WWKS all white apart Wow nose cone
1895 A339 WWKR Azul DC ‘NY’
1923 A339 WWYN Senegal tcs A380a
1924 A339 WWCK Azul Eng run up bay
1933 A339 WWCO Thai Lion FL
1934 A339 WWYF Azul Eng run up bay
1935 A339 WWYY Delta FL Fn3404
1938 A339 WWYV Air Calin FL
1942 A339 WWKO primer MRTT FL
1943 A339 WWCP TAP tcs A330a
1946 A339 WWCZ Garuda tcs A330a


246 A350 WZGR B308G/B-LGF both reg worn Hainan Titles DC
257 A350 WZFF Qatar DC
266 A350 WZGY Qatar DC
270 A350 WZFT HK A380a
282 A350 WZGS Latam FL
283 A350 WZFY HK A380a
285 A350 WZNZ Hainan FL
308 A350 WZFU HK A380a
319 A350 WZNY Virgin ‘RD’ on tail DC
320 A350 WZFW primer A380a
323 A350 WZFV Primer DC
331 A350 WZFN Air France FL
332 A350 WZFC Qatar FL
334 A350 WZNB China Southern A380a
335 A350 WZGD Asiana FL
338 A350 WZFG Primer A380a
339 A350 WZNX China Southern FL
341 A350 WZND Singapore FL to DC wash rack
343 A350 WZGE JAL FL
344 A350 WZGV Singapore DC
345 A350 WZHF Ethiopian FL
347 A350 WZNE China Southern
352 A350 WZNP JAL tcs FL
355 A350 WZGU Hainan tcs FL
357 A350 WZHC China Southern tcs FL
365 A350 WZGF Mauritius Tcs A380a
368 A350 WWDW Primer A380a
369 A350 (WZGZ)Singapore tcs A380a
370 A350 (WZFJ) JAL tcs A330a
371 A350 WZGK Singapore tcs A330a
373 A350 WZHI China Eastern tcs A330a
375 A350 (W????) Ethiopian tcs A330a

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  1. Can you confirm if the front aircraft of the 2 ATR’S in Primer is 1580
    G-OATR ? The nose cone looks slightly misshapen which would account for the ClearVision cameras ?


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