Toulouse Blagnac 06 September 2019

2019-09-06 11.08.52-2

-A320 White, on test area
-A320 on production line (behind 9287), mate fuse and wings
-A320 Primer, tailless in midfield hangars
-A350 Singapore fcs, on test area
-A350 Singapore tail cls, no number on tail, in fit out hangars opposite A350 production line
-A350 Air France fcs, on test area
-A350 Whte, in fit out hangar facing towards delivery centre
-A350 Primer, Virgin wing tip in A350 body join hangar
-A380 in body join hangar, full fuse and wings
-72 Primer, white tail, on ATR delivery centre

-72 Indigo fcs,  on ATR delivery centre
Type Con Reg Operator As State Where
42 1411 F-WWLK     pr Production Line
42 1412 F-WWLL Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlines   fcs Production Line
42 1414 F-WWLN Japan Air Commuter   fcs Fit Out
42 1415 NO REG     pr Fit Out
42 1417 NO REG     fuse Production Line
72 1550 F-WWEG     fcs Production Line
72 1570 F-WWED IndiGo Airlines   fcs Test Area
72 1571 F-WWEE Air Caraibes F-OSIT fcs Production Line
72 1575 F-WWEI Cubana   fcs Test Area
72 1576 F-WWEJ Air New Zealand Link   fcs Delivery Centre
72 1578 F-WWEL Air New Zealand Link   pr Production Line
72 1580 F-WWEN Aurigny Air Services G-OATR pr Production Line
72 1583 F-WWER     pr Latercoere
72 1584 F-WWES     wh Production Line
72 1586 F-WWEU Binter Canarias   fcs * Test Area
72 1588 NO REG     pr Production Line
72 1589 F-WWEX     pr Production Line
72 1592 NO REG     pr Test Area
72 1593 F-WWED     pr Test Area
72 1594 F-WWEE     pr Test Area
72 1597 NO REG     pr Test Area
72 1598 F-WWEI     pr Latercoere
72 1599 F-WWEJ Aurigny Air Services   pr Latercoere
72 1621 NO REG     pr Production Line
72 1627 NO REG     fuse Production Line
72 1629 NO REG     fuse Test Area
A300 868 F-WWSX United Parcel Service   fcs Test Area
A320 8784 F-WWDL Chengdu Airlines   fcs Delivery Centre
A320 9037 F-WTAM Cambodia Airways XU-762 wh Air France Industries
A320 9064 F-WWIT China Eastern Airlines B-308W fcs Delivery Centre
A320 9075 F-WXAY Spirit Airlines N927NK fcs Air France Industries
A320 9122 F-WWIY Aero K Airlines HL wh Test Area
A320 9152 F-WWIC Spirit Airlines N928NK fcs * Fit Out
A320 9159 F-WWDS China Southern Airlines B-30AA fcs Delivery Centre
A320 9163 F-WWBJ Flynas HZ-NS25 fcs Delivery Centre
A320 9166 XA-VRK Volaris   fcs Delivery Centre
A320 9169 F-WWDH Ural Airlines VP-BRZ fcs Test Area
A320 9184 F-WWBQ Air China B-30AH fcs Test Area
A320 9185 F-WWBS Chengdu Airlines   fcs Test Area
A320 9186 NO REG Air Travel B-30AN fcs * Test Area
A320 9188 F-WWDI Gulf Air A9C-TD fcs Test Area
A320 9190 F-WWBB LATAM Brasil PR-XBE fcs * Test Area
A320 9193 NO REG S7 Airlines VQ-BTL fcs * Test Area
A320 9194 F-WWDA JetSMART CC-AWJ fcs Test Area
A320 9197 F-WWDM Salam Air   fcs Test Area
A320 9200 F-WWII Go Air   fcs Test Area
A320 9264 F-WWIV Go Air   fcs Fit Out
A320 9269 F-WWIN Zhejiang Loong Airlines   fcs Fit Out
A320 9277 F-WWDK Vistara   tail Fit Out
A320 9280 NO REG Citilink   tail Fit Out
A320 9283 NO REG IndiGo   tail Fit Out
A320 9287 NO REG Vueling EC-NFK tail Production Line
A320 9292 NO REG VivaAir Columbia HK-5335 tail (not attached) Production Line
A320 9300 NO REG Colorful Guizhou Airlines   mated fuse Production Line
A320 9303 NO REG Kuwait Airways   mated fuse Production Line
A320 9306 NO REG Bamboo Airways   front and rear unmated Production Line
A320 10002 F-WWBD Iberia EC-NFZ fcs Delivery Centre
A330 1844 F-WWCJ RwandAir 9XR-WS fcs Delivery Centre
A330 1861 F-WWKQ RwandAir 9XR-WT fcs St Martin Lagardere
A330 1863 F-WWKI Hong Kong Airlines B-LHF fcs Run Up Bay
A330 1895 F-WWKR Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras PR-ANY fcs Delivery Centre
A330 1921 F-WWCT TAP Air Portugal CS-TUN fcs Test Area
A330 1922 CS-TUO TAP Air Portugal   fcs Delivery Centre
A330 1923 F-WWYN Air Senegal 6V-ANB tail St Martin Lagardere
A330 1924 F-WWCK Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras PR-ANX fcs Run Up Bay
A330 1933 F-WWCO Thai Lion Air HS-LAK fcs Test Area
A330 1934 F-WWYF Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras PR-ANW fcs Behind Air France Industries
A330 1935 F-WWYY Delta Air Lines N404DX fcs Test Area
A330 1938 F-WWYV Air Caledonie International F-ONET fcs Test Area
A330 1942 F-WWKO French Air Force   pr Test Area
A330 1943 F-WWCP TAP Air Portugal CS-TUR tail Test Area
A330 1946 F-WWCZ Garuda Indonesia   tail Test Area
A350 246 B-LGF Hainan Airlines   fcs Delivery Centre
A350 257 F-WZFF Qatar Airways A7-AML fcs Delivery Centre
A350 266 F-WZGY Qatar Airways A7-ANJ fcs Delivery Centre
A350 270 F-WZFT Hainan Airlines   tail St Martin Lagardere
A350 282 F-WZGS Qatar Airways A7-AQB fcs Test Area
A350 283 F-WZFY Hainan Airlines   tail St Martin Lagardere
A350 308 F-WZFU Hainan Airlines   tail St Martin Lagardere
A350 313 F-WZFI Qatar Airways A7-AQC fcs St Martin Lagardere
A350 319 F-WZNY Virgin Atlantic Airways G-VPRD fcs Delivery Centre
A350 320 F-WZFW Fiji Airways   pr St Martin Lagardere
A350 323 F-WZFV Hainan Airlines   pr Delivery Centre
A350 332 F-WZFC Qatar Airways A7-ANK fcs Test Area
A350 334 F-WZNB China Southern Airlines B-309W fcs St Martin Lagardere
A350 335 F-WZGD Asiana Airlines HL8362 fcs St Martin Lagardere
A350 339 F-WZNX China Southern Airlines B-30A9 fcs Test Area
A350 343 F-WZGE Japan Airlines JA03XJ fcs Test Area
A350 344 F-WZGV Singapore Airlines 9V-SMY fcs Test Area
A350 345 F-WZNF Ethiopian Airlines ET-AWO fcs Test Area
A350 347 F-WZNE China Southern Airlines B-30AL fcs St Martin Lagardere
A350 351 F-WZNS Hainan Airlines   fcs Test Area
A350 352 F-WZNP Japan Airlines JA04XJ tail Test Area
A350 354 F-WZHG South African Airways   tail Test Area
A350 355 F-WZGU Hong Kong Airlines   tail Test Area
A350 357 F-WZHC China Southern Airlines   tail Test Area
A350 358 F-WZHJ Scandinavian Airlines System SE-RSA tail Test Area
A350 365 F-WZGF Air Mauritius   tail St Martin Lagardere
A350 368 F-WWDW Qatar Airways A7-ANO pr St Martin Lagardere
A350 369 F-WZGZ Singapore Airlines 9V-SHK tail St Martin Lagardere
A350 370 F-WZFJ Japan Airlines JA05XJ tail Test Area
A350 371 F-WZGK Singapore Airlines 9V-SHL tail Test Area
A350 373 F-WZHI China Eastern Airlines   tail Test Area
A350 375 F-WZHD Ethiopian Airlines ET-AWP tail Test Area
A350 378 F-WZHH Scandinavian Airlines System   tail Fit Out

2019-09-06 11.06.19-2

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