LOG:Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 27/09/2019


Credit : EDHI -1


– IndiGo A21N
– Turkish A21N

Building 213
– American A21N
– IndiGo A21N
– Air Asia A21N

Educated guesses for some of these included in the list below.

XFW Riverstore 27/09/2019

A32N 8140 D-AVVU LATAM Airlines Chile CC-BHD fcs Midfield (noted after tour). Flew a.m.
A21N 8277 P4-KDF Air Astana fcs Delivery Centre – delivered 11:45
A320 8439 D-AUBO Chengdu Airlines (ntu) fcs Delivery Centre
A32N 8445 D-AUBN GoAir VT-WGU fcs Riverside Store
A21N 8531 NOREG LATAM Airlines Chile rear only outside
A320 8597 D-AUAH Chengdu Airlines (ntu) fcs Delivery Centre
A32N 8774 D-AVVI Corporate T7-HHH fcs Central Area
A21N 8776 D-AZAV Sichuan Airlines B-307E fcs Building 241-244
A32N 8785 VT-WJJ GoAir fcs Delivery Centre
A32N 8836 D-AUBY Sichuan Airlines fcs Building 211 (moved from Midfield a.m.)
A21N 8861 D-AVZN Air Arabia A6-ATB fcs Leak Test – to Delivery Centre during tour
A32N 8864 D-AXAT IndiGo Airlines VT-IZV fcs Midfield
A21N 8893 D-AZAH Jetblue Airways N2016J fcs Midfield, towed to ?, flew late p.m.
A21N 8921 D-AVYB Cebu Pacific Air RP-C4120 fcs Delivery Centre
A21N 8946 NOREG TAP Air Portugal to Dock side
A321 8947 D-AVZR Delta Air Lines N386DN fcs Outside Hangar 14S, to Leak Test
A21N 8952 VT-IUG IndiGo Airlines fcs Delivery Centre – delivered 19:15
A21N 8953 D-AZAG Sichuan Airlines B-30AC fcs Building 14 North
A21N 8955 D-AZAK Ural Airlines VP-BOP fcs Building 14 North
A21N 8957 D-AZAR Turkish Airlines TC-LSJ fcs Midfield
A320 8964 D-AUAP Starflyer JA27MC fcs Midfield. Moved to Bulding 211 or 212 pre-tour
A21N 8965 D-AYAD Aer Lingus EI-LRC fcs Building 241-244
A21N 8968 D-AVYD IndiGo Airlines VT-IUH fcs Midfield
A21N 8971 NOREG Jetblue Airways N2017J to Riverside store
A21N 8979 D-AVYP Pegasus Airlines TC-RBB to Riverside store
A21N 8980 D-AVYQ Air Astana P4-KGB fcs Midfield
A21N 8984 D-AVYW British Airways G-NEOW fcs Building 241-244
A21N 8985 D-AVXH Vietnam Airlines VN-A506 fcs Building 14 – at rear (assumed)
A32N 8987 D-AUAT IndiGo Airlines VT-IJG fcs Central Area
A21N 8989 D-AYAL IndiGo Airlines fcs Dock side
A21N 8992 D-AYAN IndiGo Airlines fcs Riverside store (assumed)
A21N 8993 D-AZAP Chongqing Airlines fcs Leak Test
A21N 8995 D-AZAW China Southern Airlines B-309J fcs Building 241-244
A21N 8997 D-AVYH Wizz Air HA-LVG fcs Midfield a.m. (moved by ? before tour)
A21N 9000 D-AVYL Turkish Airlines TC-LSL fcs Riverside store (assumed)
A32N 9002 D-AUAV Jazeera Airways 9K-CAR fcs Midfield, towed from Delivery centre a.m.
A21N 9008 NOREG Chongqing Airlines front & rear outside (separate locations)
A21N 9011 NOREG VietjetAir front only outside
A32N 9015 RP-C3287 Cebu Pacific Air fcs Delivery centre
A21N 9016 NOREG Jetblue Airways rear only outside
A32N 9041 F-WZMI Avianca N818AV fcs Midfield
A21N 9042 D-AYAH IndiGo Airlines to Riverside store
A321 9043 N388DN Delta Air Lines fcs Delivery Centre
A21N 9044 D-AYAP Turkish Airlines TC-LSM fcs Dock side
A21N 9046 D-AYAR Lufthansa D-AIEE fcs Building 241-244
A21N 9048 D-AYAS China Southern Airlines fcs Riverside store
A21N 9051 D-AYAW Vietnam Airlines fcs Midfield – flew a.m.
A321 9057 D-AVYV Delta Air Lines N389DN fcs Midfield
A21N 9059 D-AVZB VietjetAir VN-A507 fcs Midfield
A21N 9060 N223HA Hawaiian Airlines fcs Delivery centre p.m.
A32N 9062 D-AUBI Azul Linhas Aereas PR-YSA fcs Dock side
A21N 9070 D-AYAG Volaris N543VL fcs Midfield, to Delivery Centre after tour
A32N 9071 D-AUBL Lufthansa D-AINV fcs Midfield
A32N 9074 D-AUBM SAS SE-ROS fcs Building 14
A32N 9079 D-AUBQ IndiGo Airlines VT-IJL fcs Midfield
A21N 9080 NOREG Air Astana front & rear outside (separate locations)
A21N 9082 D-AYAY Turkish Airlines TC-LSK fcs Towed to Midfield a.m., then believed to Leak Test
A32N 9086 CC-AZL Sky Airline fcs Delivery centre – delivered 09:00
A21N 9087 D-AZAO Philippine Airlines RP-C9938 fcs Riverside store
A32N 9089 D-AUBS SAS SE-ROG fcs Threshold store
A21N 9090 D-AZAB Azul Linhas Aereas PR-YJA fcs Leak test
A21N 9092 D-AZAF Cebu Pacific Air RP-C4121 fcs Building 7
A32N 9093 D-AUBH Air China B-30C2 fcs Threshold store
A32N 9094 D-AUBU IndiGo Airlines VT-IJN fcs Midfield
A21N 9095 D-AVXD Turkish Airlines TC-LSO fcs Midfield
A32N 9103 D-AUBJ easyJet Airline G-UZLF fcs Building 14N
A21N 9106 NOREG IndiGo Airlines to Midfield p.m.
A21N 9108 D-AVYN Vietnam Airlines VN-A508 fcs Delivery centre
A32N 9111 D-AXAU easyJet Airline G-UZLI fcs Building 7
A21N 9112 NOREG IndiGo Airlines VT-IUM primer Building 9
A32N 9115 D-AUBV Bamboo Airways VN-A592 white Dock side
A32N 9116 D-AUBX SAS SE-ROT fcs Riverside store, to temp hangar o/s Building 14
A32N 9118 D-AUBZ IndiGo Airlines fcs Building 7
A21N 9121 NOREG Jetblue Airways to Leak test
A21N 9124 D-AVZZ Air China B-30AG fcs Dock side
A32N 9132 D-AXAC Bamboo Airways VN-A593 white outside Builing 14
A32N 9135 D-AXAD Salam Air A4O-OVG fcs Delivery centre
A21N 9139 D-AYAT Air Asia fcs Builidng 241-244 (assumed)
A32N 9141 D-AXAI Qingdao Airways B-30A1 fcs Central Area, to Midfield (after tour)
A21N 9145 D-AZAD Jetblue Airways N2038J fcs Midfield
A32N 9146 D-AXAM Sky Airline CC-AZM fcs Building 7
A32N 9149 D-AXAQ Jazeera Airways 9K-CBC fcs Threshold store
A21N 9151 NOREG IndiGo Airlines rear only outside
A32N 9153 D-AXAV Vistara VT-TNL white Leak test
A32N 9154 D-AXAW Ural Airlines VP-BRY fcs stored near building 221
A21N 9157 NOREG Turkish Airlines rear only outside
A21N 9161 D-AZAQ Vietnam Airlines VN-A509 fcs in temp hangar near building 14, moved to ?
A32N 9165 D-AXAX Salam Air fcs Midfield
A32N 9167 NOREG Viva Aerobus to Building 14 – at rear (assumed)
A32N 9170 D-AXAZ Vistara V T-TNM white Building 241-244
A32N 9171 D-AVVA easyJet Airline G-UZLJ fcs Midfield
A32N 9173 NOREG SAS SE-ROH to Riverside store
A32N 9174 D-AVVD Jazeera Airways 9K-CBD fcs Riverside store
A32N 9192 D-AVVH Air China B-30C7 fcs Midfield
A21N 9196 NOREG Cebu Pacific Air to Building 9
A32N 9199 NOREG Capital Airlines to Riverside store
A21N 9204 NOREG easyJet Airline G-UZMG to Midfield
A32N 9205 D-AVVB China Eastern Airlines B-308X fcs Delivery centre
A32N 9207 D-AVVF Air New Zealand ZK-NHD fcs Riverside store, to Central area
A21N 9208 D-AXAX Starlux Airlines fcs Building 241-244
A21N 9209 NOREG British Airways G-NEOZ primer Building 9 (mated fuselage)
A32N 9213 D-AVVN IndiGo Airlines fcs Riverside store
A21N 9214 NOREG easyJet Airline rear only outside
A32N 9215 D-AVVQ IndiGo Airlines fcs Central area
A32N 9216 NOREG Viva Aerobus to Building 14
A21N 9217 NOREG Air Asia to? Building 213 (unconfirmed)
A32N 9218 D-AVVV GoAir VT-WJM fcs Delivery centre
A32N 9219 D-AVVX China Eastern Airlines fcs Riverside store, to building 241-244
A32N 9225 D-AVVY Flynas HZ-NS26 fcs Riverside store
A32N 9231 NOREG Sky Airline CC-AZN to inside Run Up Bay
A21N 9240 NOREG China Southern Airlines to Building 14
A21N 9241 NOREG Vietnam Airlines VN-A510 to Building 14
A21N 9243 NOREG Azul Linhas Aereas to Building 9 (no tail logo)
A32N 9247 NOREG SAS SE-ROI to Riverside store
A32N 9251 NOREG Lufthansa D-AINX to Building 14
A32N 9257 NOREG China Eastern Airlines to Building 14
A21N 9258 NOREG easyJet Airline rear only outside
A32N 9262 NOREG SAS SE-ROU primer Building 14 (mated wings and fuselage)
A32N 9268 NOREG China Eastern Airlines primer Building 14 (mated fuselage)
A32N 9276 NOREG Air China rear only outside
A320 9279 D-AXAO Chengdu Airlines fcs Midfield
A21N 9294 NOREG Vietnam Airlines rear only Building 14
A21N 9308 NOREG TAP Air Portugal primer Building 9 (front & rear fuselage unmated)
A21N 9310 NOREG easyJet Airline rear only outside
A320 9319 NOREG Chengdu Airlines rear only outside
A21N 9322 NOREG Air China rear only outside
A21N 9347 NOREG IndiGo Airlines rear only outside
A32N 9356 NOREG JetSMART rear only outside
A32N 9363 NOREG Vistara front only outside
A32N 9370 NOREG China Eastern Airlines front only outside
A32N 9403 NOREG China Eastern Airlines rear only outside
A21N 9408 NOREG American Airlines rear only outside
A21N #### D-AVZL Air China B-30AF fcs Midfield
A35K 0352 F-WZNP Japan Airlines JA04XJ fcs Midfield (redelivered to TLS during tour)
A388 0259 F-WWSA Emirates A6-EVJ fcs A380 delivery centre
A388 0260 F-WWSD Emirates A6-EVK fcs Building 211
A388 0261 F-WWSO Emirates A6-EVL to Building 241-244

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