LOG: Toulouse Blagnac 26/10/2019

Log and photos with credit to Dan and Carsten seen at Toulouse, Sat 26/10/19 0940-1900


Flightline area
D-AVWA A19N 6464 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWBU A20N 9206 Air Macau fcs (BP on nwd)
F-WWBT A320 9292 Viva Air Colombia fcs (35 on nwd)
F-WWDR A20N 9303 Kuwait Airways fcs (N above cockpit, KN on nwd)
F-WWBF A20N 9309 Air China fcs (0C1 on nwd)
F-WWBC A20N 9312 SAS Scandinavian Airlines fcs (ROJ on nwd)
F-WWIE A20N 9317 Sky Airline fcs (AZO on nwd) – AIB02IE D0954; A1045
F-WWDF A20N 9320 China Eastern Airlines fcs (AX on nwd)
F-WWDO A20N 9324 LATAM Chile fcs (PR-XBF)
F-WWBP A20N 9343 Volaris fcs (544 on nwd)
F-WWIP A20N 9348 Air Corsica fcs (KB on nwd)
F-WWDC A20N 9358 GoAir fcs
F-WWBY A20N 9328 JetSMART cls / Flamenco de James tail (AWK on nwd)

F-WWSX A306 868 UPS fcs (173 on nwd)
F-WWCU A339 1887 WOW Air fcs (for Citilink as PK-GYC)
F-WTTO A338 1888 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWYF A339 1934 Azul Brasil fcs (NW on tail, nwd)
F-WWCC A339 1943 TAP Air Portugal fcs (TUR on nwd)
F-WWCZ A339 1946 Garuda tail cls, primer
F-WWKV A339 1947 Garuda Indonesia fcs (HE on nwd)
F-WWYM A339 1949 Delta Air Lines tail cls, primer

F-WXWB A359 1 Airbus blue cls
F-WWCF A359 2 Airbus carbon cls
F-WZGG A359 3 Airbus blue cls
F-WZFR A359 299 Fiji Airways fcs (AI on nwd)
F-WZFI A359 313 LATAM Brasil (QC on nwd)
F-WZFG A359 338 Primer cls
F-WZHC A359 357 China Southern Airlines fcs (0C0 on nwd)
F-WZHJ A359 358 SAS Scandinavian Airlines fcs (RSA on nwd)
F-WZGO A359 359 Air France fcs (YC on nwd)
F-WZFK A35K 362 British Airways fcs (WBC on tail, nwd)
F-WZNT A359 364 Singapore Airlines fcs (JA on nwd)
F-WZGM A359 366 Iberia fcs (EC-NGT)
F-WZGZ A359 369 Singapore Airlines fcs (HK on nwd)
F-WZFJ A359 370 Japan Airlines tail cls, primer

F-WWED AT76 1570 IndiGo fcs
F-WWES AT76 1584 white tail cls, light green primer (was T3158463S584)

G-WEFX RJ1H E3379 Airbus E-FanX demo cls

Near flightline
NO-REG A20N 9454 Primer fuselage sections (for China Eastern Airlines)

Rear of Flightline
F-WWLP AT46 1415 white tail cls, primer (T31415VE5004)
F-WWEW AT76 1565 Silver Airways fcs (704 on nwd)
F-WWEW AT76 1588 Flyme fcs

Fuelstation area
F-WWDU A20N 9331 Gulf Air fcs (TE on nwd)
F-WWDZ A20N 9354 TAP Air Portugal fcs (TVG on nwd)
F-WWIJ A20N 9372 Sky Airline fcs (CC-AZP)

Factory area
F-WWIW A359 392 Finnair tail cls, primer

A320 Production Hangar next to ATR
F-WWBV A20N ???? Primer cls
F-WW.. A20N ???? Vistara fcs (9367 F-WWIX?)

ATR Hangar
F-WWEL AT76 1578 Air New Zealand fcs (ZB on nwd)
F-WWEP AT76 1581 white tail cls, primer (T31581NZ3025)
F-WWEC AT76 1592 white tail cls, primer (T3159263S592)
F-WWED AT76 1593 white tail cls, primer (T3159363S593)
NO-REG AT76 1595 white tail cls, primer (T3159563S595)
NO-REG AT76 1599 white tail cls, primer (T3159963S599)

Outside rear of ATR Hangar area
NO-REG AT46 1416 white tail cls, primer (T31416A45023)
F-WWEG AT76 1573 white tail cls, sand primer (was T315736E3029)

Outside front of ATR Hangar area
NO-REG AT76 1583 white tail cls, primer (T3158363S583)

Near A330 Halls
F-WWYO A339 1895 Azul Brasil pink fcs (NV on tail, nwd) [Hangar]
F-WZGP A35K 386 British Airways tail cls, primer
F-WZNK A359 389 Asiana Airlines tail cls, primer
F-WZNL A359 391 SAS Scandinavian Airlines tail cls, primer
F-WWTW A359 394 Singapore Airlines tail cls, primer

Delivery Centre area
F-WWIT A20N 9064 China Eastern Airlines fcs (8W on nwd)
VT-WJN A20N 9264 GoAir fcs
EC-NFK A20N 9287 Vueling Airlines fcs – VLG901P D1124
VT-TNR A20N 9296 Vistara fcs

F-WWCJ A339 1844 Rwandair fcs (WS on nwd)
PR-ANY A339 1895 Azul Brasil fcs

A7-ANK A35K 332 Qatar Airways fcs
F-WZFB A35K 346 Qatar Airways fcs (NL on nwd) – AIB04FB D1043; A1357
F-WZNE A359 347 China Southern Airlines fcs (0AL on nwd)
F-WZNA A359 348 Singapore Airlines fcs (MZ on nwd) – AIB04NA D1058; A1237
JA04XJ A359 352 Japan Airlines fcs – JL8102 D1052
F-WZHF A359 354 Air Mauritius tail, white cls (ZS-SDE under wing)

Delivery Centre hangar
F-WWBX A20N 9283 IndiGo fcs (JT on nwd)
F-WWYX A339 1939 Thai Lion Air fcs (LAL on nwd)
F-WZFQ A359 349 Air France fcs (YB on nwd)

Engine test bay area
F-WTTE A339 1813 Airbus NEO cls
F-WWKI A333 1863 Hong Kong Airlines fcs (LHF on nwd)

Latecoere ramp
NO-REG AT76 1620 white tail cls, primer (T3162063S620)

AFR Tech Ramp
F-WTAM A320 9037 white cls (762 on nwd)

image1 (2)

A330/350/380 area
F-WWYN A339 1923 Air Senegal fcs (NB on nwd)
F-WWCG A339 1925 TAP Air Portugal fcs (TUP on nwd)
F-WWCH A333 1951 Aer Lingus tail cls, primer (IN on tail)

F-WWXL A35K 71 Primer cls
F-WZGT A359 383 Aeroflot tail cls, primer F-WZHK A359 385 Singapore Airlines fcs (HN on nwd)
F-WZGC A359 390 Lufthansa tail cls, primer
F-WZHE A359 393 Cathay Pacific tail cls, primer

F-WWSZ A388 264 Emirates tail cls, primer

Northern end A350 area
F-WZNZ A359 285 Hainan Airlines fcs
F-WZFU A359 308 Hainan Airlines tail cls, primer
F-WZGQ A35K 380 Cathay Pacific fcs
F-WZHF A35K 382 Primer cls (for Qatar Airways)

Biz ramp
M-AMRM AT72 826 Fly540 fcs (826 on nwd)

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