LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 09/11/2019

Log with credit to EDBO.


  • A350-941 Hainan group colours (tail only) Flightline
  • A320-252N Air Corsica (fcs) Flightline. Either 9348 or 9392. Named ‘Sanguinari’.
  • ATR 72 (white overall). Old ATR DC
  • A330-941 Garuda Indonesia (fcs) Delivery Centre hangar. Either 1946 or 1947.
9037 F-WTAM Cambodia A/W XU-762 white AF Industries
9237 F-WWBH Comlux Malta white Flightline
9309 F-WWBF Air China B-30C1 fcs Flightline
9312 F-WWBC SAS SE-ROJ fcs Acceptance hangar
9328 F-WWBY JetSMART CC-AWK fcs Flightline
9331 F-WWDU Gulf Air A9C-TE fcs Flightline
9351 F-WWDT Air China B-30C8 fcs Flightline
9354 F-WWDZ TAP Air Portugal CS-TVG fcs Flightline
9358 F-WWDC GoAir fcs Big hangar next to Flightline
9362 F-WWIG Azul Linhas Aereas PR-YSB fcs Flightline
9367 F-WWIX Vistara fcs Flightline
9372 F-WWIJ Sky Airline CC-AZP fcs Flightline
9375 F-WWDJ GoAir fcs Flightline
9384 F-WWDY Interjet fcs Flightline
1861 F-WWKQ Rwandair 9XR-WT fcs Flightline
1863 F-WWKI Hong Kong Airlines B-LHF fcs A380 ramp
1923 6V-ANB Air Senegal fcs Delivery Centre
1934 F-WWYF Azul Linhas Aereas PR-ANW fcs Flightline
1941 F-WWKA TAP Air Portugal CS-TUQ fcs Flightline
1943 F-WWCC TAP Air Portugal CS-TUR fcs Flightline
1945 F-WWKD (NATO) primer A380 ramp
1948 F-WWYC Garuda Indonesia fcs A380 ramp
1950 F-WWCR Aer Lingus EI-_IM fcs A380 ramp
1951 F-WWCH Aer Lingus EI-_IN to A380 ramp
1956 F-WWKM Thai Lion Air to outside A330 FAL
0065 F-WLXV Air Caraibes Atlantique fcs Flightline
0285 F-WZNZ Hainan Airlines fcs Flightline
0299 DQ-FAI Fiji Airways fcs AF Industries
0313 A7-AQC Qatar Airways (LATAM fcs) fcs Delivery Centre
0320 F-WZFW Fiji Airways fcs Flightline
0332 F-WZFC Qatar Airways A7-ANK fcs Delivery Centre
0338 F-WZFG Capital Airlines primer Flightline
0346 A7-ANL Qatar Airways fcs Delivery Centre
0347 B-30AL China Southern Airlines fcs left on delivery a.m.
0354 ZS-SDE South African Airways white/MAU tail
0355 F-WZGU Hainan Airlines fcs A380 ramp (north)
0356 F-WZNQ Qatar Airways A7-ANN fcs Flightline
0358 F-WZHJ SAS SE-RSA fcs Flightline
0359 F-WZGO Air France F-HTYC fcs Flightline
0363 F-WZGW LATAM Airlines Brasil fcs Flightline
0365 F-WZGF South African Airways ZS-SDF white/MAU tail Flightline
0366 F-WZGN Iberia EC-NGT fcs Flightline
0369 F-WZGZ Singapore Airlines 9V-SHK fcs Flightline
0371 F-WZGK Singapore Airlines 9V-SHL fcs Flightline
0380 F-WZGQ Cathay Pacific Airlines B-LXM to outside A330 FAL
0385 F-WZHK Singapore Airlines 9V-SHN fcs A380 ramp
0388 F-WZFL Etihad Airways A6-XWE to A380 ramp
0390 F-WZGC Lufthansa D-AIXP to A380 ramp
0391 F-WZNL SAS to Ramp near flightline
0393 F-WZHE Cathay Pacific Airlines B-LQC to A380 ramp
0394 F-WWTW Singapore Airlines 9V-SHO to A380 ramp
0395 F-WZGA Delta Air Lines to outside A330 FAL
0396 F-WZFD Cathay Pacific Airlines B-LQD to outside A330 FAL
0264 F-WWSZ Emirates A6-EVM to A380 ramp
0267 F-WWAU Emirates to A380 FAL
868 F-WWSX UPS Airlines N173UP fcs Flightline
1403 F-WWLC Silver Airways N405SV fcs ATR fit out
1414 F-WWLN Japan Air Commuter JA09JC fcs ATR fit out (to ATR old DC p.m.)
1415 F-WWLP (Easyfly) pr/wt Flightline
1571 F-WWEE Air Caraibes F-OSIT fcs Flightline
1581 NOREG Air New Zealand Link ZK-MZC primer ATR fit out
1582 F-WWEQ Tunisair Express TS-LBF fcs Flightline
1589 F-WWEX white Flightline
1592 NOREG primer ATR fit out
1594 F-WWEE Wings Abadi Air fcs ATR fit out
1595 F-WWEF Aurigny Air Services G-OGFC fcs ATR fit out
1596 F-WWEG pr-wt ATR fit out
1597 F-WWEH Braathens Regional fcs o/s A320 completion
1598 NOREG primer ATR fit out
1599 NOREG Aurigny Air Services G-ORAI primer ATR fit out
1627 F-WWET primer ATR fit out
1629 NOREG primer o/s A320 completion

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