F-WWLR / JA11HC AT46 msn 1417 Hokkaido Air System (JAL)
F-WWER / F-FYER? AT76 msn 1583 Unknown (white cls)

ZK-MZC msn 1581 delivered as SXI1953 ( hexcode C82870 ) ex F-WWEP


AIB01IA F-WWIA /CC-AZQ msn  9378 Sky Airline
F-WWIA Airbus A320 Neo SKY
Credit :  @Eurospot
AIB01IY F-WWIY / VN-A599 msn 9457 Bamboo Airways
F-WWIY Airbus A320 Neo Bamboo Airways
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB03BD F-WWBD / B-30D7 msn 9439 Spring Airlines

TEST F-WWID / B-30D6 msn 9425 Spring Airlines (100th Spring aircraft c/s ) – flew as TEST not AIB02ID!
F-WWID Airbus A320 Neo Spring
Credit : @Eurospot


AIB01CK F-WWCK / PR-ANX msn 1924 Azul
F-WWCK Airbus A330 Neo Azul
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB04CZ F-WWCZ / PK-GHG msn 1946 Garuda
F-WWCZ Airbus A330 Neo Garuda
Credit : @Eurospot

F-WZFT msn 270 white c/s – RTO

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