Date Reg Type MSN Callsign Route Opr
23-Dec-19 VTTNS A320 9363 VTTNS XFW-DEL Vistara
23-Dec-19 B30D1 A320 9454 B30D1 TLS-TSE China Eastern Airlines
23-Dec-19 GNEOX A321 9162 BAW9251 XFW-LHR British Airways
23-Dec-19 GXWBD A350 374 BAW9153 TLS-LHR British Airways
24-Dec-19 VPBRY A320 9154 SVR3901 XFW-SVX Ural Airlines
24-Dec-19 B30CC A320 9282 B30CC XFW-TSE China Southern Airlines
24-Dec-19 TCLSO A321 9095 THY6832 XFW-IST Turkish Airlines
26-Dec-19 VTWJR A320 9388 GOW9350 TLS-DEL Go Air
27-Dec-19 B30CZ A320 9257 B30CZ XFW-TSE China Eastern Airlines
28-Dec-19 B30C7 A320 9192 CCA048 XFW-OVB Air China
28-Dec-19 B308X A320 9205 B308X XFW-TSE China Eastern Airlines
28-Dec-19 B30C5 A320 9276 CCA047 XFW-OVB Air China
28-Dec-19 PRYSE A320 9426 PRYSE TLS-SID Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras
28-Dec-19 TCLSN A321 9076 THY6830 XFW-IST Turkish Airlines
28-Dec-19 B30CE A350 376 B30CE TLS-CAN China Southern Airlines

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