LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 09/02/2020

Log and photos with credit to Marcus seen at  Toulouse Saturday between 0800-16.30

Delivery Centre area
F-WWIC A320 9313 Thai Air Force cls (60205 on tail)
F-WWBB A320 9473 Egyptair cls (FJ on nwd)
F-WWIZ A20N 9486 S7 Airlines fcs (TB on nwd)
F-WWBG A20N 9531 Flynas fcs (27 on nwd)
F-WXAV A339 1941 TAP Air Portugal fcs (CS-TUQ) DC hgr to DC PM
F-WXAW A339 1954 TAP Air Portugal fcs (CS-TUS) DC hgr to DC PM
F-WZFT A359 270 white cls
G-XWBE A35K 386 British Airways fcs (WBE on tail, nwd) DC to DC hgr PM
OH-LWP A359 392 Finnair fcs (WP on nwd)
NO-REG AT76 1623 white tail cls
NO-REG AT76 1631 white tail cls, primer (T3163163S631)
NO-REG AT76 1634 white tail cls
Flightline area
F-WWDG A20N 9502 S7 Airlines fcs (TY on nwd)
F-WWIR A20N 9526 EgyptAir fcs (FL on nwd)
F-WWBI A20N 9519 Egyptair fcs (FK on nwd) towed to DC PM
F-WWIU A20N 9523 Viva Aerobus fcs towed to wash rack by DC PM
F-WWBZ A20N 9528 Ernest Airlines fcs (AK on nwd)
F-WWIV A20N 9532 EgyptAir fcs (FM on nwd)
F-WWIT A20N 9544 Loong Air fcs
F-WWDL A20N 9551 British Airways fcs (NK on tail,nwd) Engine runs
F-WWDR A20N 9554 Tianjin Airlines fcs (B-30DU)
F-WWIE A20N 9559 IndiGo fcs
F-WWDF A20N 9562 IndiGo fcs
F-WWIJ A20N 9574 Astana Fcs
F-WWDT A20N 9580 ANA fcs
F-WWSX A306 868 UPS fcs (173 on nwd)
F-WWCJ A339 1844 Rwandair fcs (WS on nwd)
F-WWKQ A339 1861 Rwandair fcs (WT on nwd)
F-WWYM A339 1949 Delta Air Lines fcs (3405 on tail, nwd) Flew
F-WWCH A333 1951 Aer Lingus fcs (IN on tail, nwd)
F-WWKM A339 1956 Thai Lion Air fcs (LAQ on nwd)
F-WWXL A35K 71 Primer cls, Virgin Atlantic winglets & engines towed from Wash Rack to FL AM
F-WWDW A35K 368 Qatar fcs
F-WZGT A359 383 Aeroflot fcs (FY on nwd)
F-WZNK A359 389 Asiana Airlines fcs
F-WZGC A359 390 Lufthansa fcs
F-WZNL A359 391 SAS fcs
F-WWTW A359 394 Singapore Airlines fcs (HO on nwd)
F-WZFD A359 396 Cathay Pacific fcs (QD on nwd)
F-WZGL A359 397 Iberia fcs
F-WZFH A359 398 China Southern Airlines fcs
F-WZFO A359 401 Cathay Pacific tail cls, primer
F-WWEX AT72 1566 Indigo fcs (rear)
F-WKVD? AT72 ? All white (reg and cn above windows)
Near flightline
NO-REG A20N 10079 Primer fuselage sections
Fuelstation area
(F-WZBT?) A20N 9577 Vueling fcs
F-WWIF A20N 10033 TAP tcs towed to paint late PM
F-WWDZ A20N 9585 British Airways fcs (TL on tail, nwd) [towed PM)
ATR Hangar
F-WWEB AT76 1591 Braathens Regional fcs (MKP on nwd)
NO-REG AT76 1629
NO-REG AT76 1633 white tail cls, primer (T3163363S633)
F-WWED AT76 1635 white tail cls, primer (T3163863S635)
Outside front of ATR Hangar area
NO-REG AT76 1628 white tail cls, primer (T3162863S628 on nwd)
NO-REG AT76 1636 white tail cls, primer (T3163663S636)
Near A330 Halls
F-WWKE A339 1953 Delta Air Lines fcs (3406 on tail, nwd)
F-WWCQ A339 1962 Delta Air Lines tail cls, primer (3408 on tail)
F-WWYT A339 1963 Evelop tail cls, primer
F-WZG_ A359 421 Turkish Airlines tail cls, primer [last letter missing]
F-W?     A359 422 Air France tcs reg not vis
F-W?     A359 423 China Eastern tcs reg not vis
Engine test bay area
F-WTTE A339 1813 Airbus NEO cls
AFR Tech Ramp
F-HZFM A320 5887 Air France fcs
F-WTAM A320 9037 white cls (762 on nwd)
F-HTYD A359 381 Air France fcs
AFR Tech Hangar
F-WXAI A320 6447 Vanilla Air fcs (08VA on nwd)
F-WXAJ A320 7543 Vanilla Air fcs (12VA on nwd)
A330/350/380 area
F-WWCK A339 1924 Azul Brasil fcs (NX on tail, nwd)
F-WWYF A339 1934 Azul Brasil fcs (NW on tail, nwd)
F-WZFS A359 411 China Southern tcs
F-WZGE A359 413 Cathay Pacific tail cls, primer
F-WZNM A359 419 Iberia tail cls, primer
F-WWAU A380 267 Emirates tcs
Northern area A350 area
F-WZGQ A35K 380 Cathay Pacific tail cls, primer
F-WZNY A35K 415 white tail cls, primer (for Virgin Atlantic)
F-WZFL A35K 388 Etihad Airways fcs (WE on nwd)
F-WZGV A359 410 Finnair tail fcs (WR on nwd)
Near Biz Ramp
M-AMRM AT72 826 Fly540 fcs (826 on nwd)

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