Date Reg Type MSN Callsign Route Opr
17-Feb-20 VPBTB A320 9486 SBI8990 TLS-OVB S7 Airlines
17-Feb-20 RPC9938 A321 9087 PAL5005 XFW-SHJ Philippine Airlines
18-Feb-20 SUGFK A320 9519 MSR3331 TLS-CAI Egypt Air
18-Feb-20 VTIUM A321 9112 IGO9001 XFW-DEL IndiGo Airlines
18-Feb-20 OEISC A321 9258 EJU9040 XFW-MXP easyJet Europe Airline
20-Feb-20 HBJDA A320 9246 SWR7549 XFW-ZRH Swiss International Air Lines
21-Feb-20 VPBTY A320 9502 SBI8992 TLS-DME S7 Airlines
21-Feb-20 SUGFL A320 9526 MSR3331 TLS-CAI Egypt Air
21-Feb-20 HZNS27 A320 9531 KNE4008 TLS-RUH Flynas
21-Feb-20 N389DN A321 9057 DAL9960 XFW-KEF Delta Air Lines
21-Feb-20 9VSHO A350 394 SIA8895 TLS-SIN Singapore Airlines

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