Log and photos with credit to Dan, seen Finkenwerder, Fri 28/2/20 1120-1530

NO-REG A21N 9478 Iberia tail cls, primer
Credit : Dan Raistrick

Delivery Centre ramp

VT-IJG A20N 8987 IndiGo fcs

N2039J A21N 9016 JetBlue Airways fcs

HA-LVH A21N 9164 Wizz Air fcs

N411AN A21N 9318 American Airlines fcs

SE-ROZ A20N 9323 SAS Scandinavian Airlines fcs

D-AVYH A21N 9396 IndiGo fcs

Delivery Centre area

EC-NDG A319 3364 Volotea

D-AUBO A320 8439 Chengdu Airlines fcs (TIB on nwd)

D-AUAH A320 8597 Chengdu Airlines fcs

D-AVYM A21N 9008 Chongqing Airlines fcs (B-30E8)

D-AYAX A21N 9080 Air Astana fcs (KGC on nwd)

D-AVYY A21N 9210 Capital Airlines fcs (B-30F1)

D-AVVZ A20N 9238 Interjet fcs (XA-KIS)

D-AYAA A21N 9255 Air Arabia fcs (TD on nwd)

SE-ROU A20N 9262 SAS Scandinavian Airlines new fcs

D-AVXW A21N 9288 China Southern fcs (B-30E5)

D-AVXE A21N 9345 Air China fcs (0D9 on nwd)

D-AVYD A21N 9365 Chongqing Airlines fcs (0EL on nwd)

D-AZAF A21N 9377 JetBlue Airways fcs (N2048J under tape)

P4-KGB A21N 8980 Air Astana – Delivered AM

River side store

D-AUBY A20N 8836 Sichuan Airlines fcs (B-30CH)

D-AXAH A20N 9261 China Eastern Airlines fcs (CY on nwd)

D-AVYA A21N 9266 China Southern Airlines fcs

D-AYAY A21N 9366 Azul Brasil cls (JC on tail, nwd)

D-AVYW A21N 9368 Juneyao Airlines fcs

NO-REG A20N 9402 Air China tail cls, primer

D-AUAK A20N 9416 Hong Kong Express fcs (LCQ on nwd)

D-AVXH A21N 9443 IndiGo fcs

NO-REG A20N 9461 IndiGo tail cls, primer

** 1x A20N IndiGo fcs (9094/9212/9382/9385/9390/9437/9489?)

** 1x A21N IndiGo fcs (9151/9285/9298/9301/9336/9347?)

** 1x Lufthansa (9442 or 9453?)

1 x A21N Air China fcs

D-A__B A320N 941(1) Pegasus fcs

Near engine test area

D-AVVJ A20N 9199 Capital Airlines fcs (B-30CF)

D-AYAC A21N 9299 IndiGo fcs (VT-IUS)

Hangar 211/212

F-WWAL A388 266 ANA All Nippon Airways fcs (383 on nwd)

Mid field area (stands 201-220)

D-AYAN A21N 8992 IndiGo fcs (UI on wd)

D-AYAS A21N 9048 China Southern Airlines fcs (B-30E1)

D-AXAD A20N 9135 SalamAir fcs (A4O-OVG)

D-AYAQ A21N 9138 Turkish Airlines fcs (LSR on nwd)

D-AVVX A20N 9219 China Eastern Airlines fcs (CX on nwd)

D-AVVS A20N 9235 Interjet fcs (CEO on nwd)

D-AZAA A21N 9240 China Southern Airlines fcs (0E6 on nwd)

D-AXAG A20N 9268 China Eastern Airlines fcs (C3 on nwd)

D-AXAO A320 9279 Chengdu Airlines fcs

D-AVZT A21N 9234 Air Busan fcs (HL8366)

D-AVZE A21N 9302 China Southern fcs (0E2 on nwd – B-30E2 dual reg worn)

D-AVXS A21N 9325 China Southern fcs (0E7 on nwd)

D-AYAD A21N 9349 Pegasus Airlines fcs (RBD on nwd)

D-AVXM A21N 9350 Sichuan Airlines fcs (0D8 on nwd)

D-AUAV A20N 9394 Air Seychelles fcs (TI on nwd)

D-AUAP A20N 9420 Air China tail cls, primer

D-AZAW A21N 9462 Pegasus Airlines fcs (TC-RBE)

F-WZFU A359 308 white cls

NO-REG A359 445 Primer fuselage (for Singapore Airlines)

A320 Flightline (stands 301-306)

D-AUAG A20N 9428 Flynas fcs (28 on nwd)

D-AUAI A20N 9459 Air Astana fcs (KBK on nwd)

Near Beluga unload area

D-AUBD A20N 9456 Interjet fcs

NO-REG A20N 9475 Volaris tail cls, primer

Hangar 7

D-AUAU A20N 9344 Sky Airline fcs (AZT on nwd)

+ 3 aircraft

Hangar 14S

NO-REG A21N 9478 Iberia tail cls, primer (towed to H214 at 12:15)

+ 3 aircraft

Hangar 9

NO-REG A21N 9230 TAP Air Portugal tail cls, primer

NO-REG A21N 9499 Air Macau tail cls, primer

Hangar 14

D-AYAG A21N 9399 Easyjet Europe fcs (SE above cockpit, nwd)

NO-REG A21N 9415 Primer fuselage (for Turkish Airlines)

NO-REG A21N 9445 Primer fuselage (for Sichuan Airlines)

NO-REG A319 9448 Tibet Airlines tail cls, primer

NO-REG A20N 9467 GoAir tail cls, primer

NO-REG A20N 9471 IndiGo tail cls, primer

NO-REG A20N 9474 Primer fuselage (for Hong Kong Express -wings attached, tail alongside)

NO-REG A20N 9480 Primer fuselage (for Loong Air -wings attached)

NO-REG A21N 9510 Easyjet tail cls, primer

Temporary hangars outside H14

D-AVZU A21N 9195 JetBlue Airways fcs

D-AUAM A20N 9357 SaudiGulf Airlines fcs (VP-CGB)

Outside near Hangar 14

NO-REG A21N 9293 Primer fuselage (for China Southern Airlines)

NO-REG A21N 9374 Primer fuselage (for American Airlines)

NO-REG A21N 9417 Primer fuselage (for Swiss)

NO-REG A21N 9422 Primer fuselage (for Easyjet)

NO-REG A21N 9433 Primer fuselage (for Gulf Air)

NO-REG A21N 9436 Primer fuselage (for IndiGo)

NO-REG A21N 9477 Primer fuselage (for China Southern Airlines)

NO-REG A21N 9487 Primer fuselage (for Viva Aerobus)

NO-REG A20N 9493 Primer fuselage (for Lufthansa)

NO-REG A21N 9512 Primer fuselage (for AirAsia)

NO-REG A20N 10065 Primer fuselage

NO-REG A20N 10070 Primer fuselage

NO-REG 10108 Primer fuselage

NO-REG 10120 Primer fuselage

Hangar 213/214

** 1x A21N JetBlue Airways fcs (9191/9245/9315?)

** 1x A21N Air Busan (9289?)

Outside near Hangar 213/4

D-AYAZ A21N 9236 IndiGo fcs (VT-IUP)

D-AZAX A21N 9398 JetBlue Airways fcs

D-AUAD A20N 9412 GoAir fcs

D-AUAX A20N 9414 Scoot fcs

D-AUBE A20N 9430 Air China fcs

Next to Hangar 221

D-AVZN A21N 9335 Sichuan Airlines fcs (B-30CS)

Hangar 243/244

D-AVZH A21N 9120 TAP Air Portugal fcs (TXE on nwd)

D-AYAB A21N 9281 Pegasus Airlines fcs (RBC on nwd)

D-AUBA A320 9319 Chengdu Airlines fcs (Seen in Riverside store earlier)

D-AVVM A20N 9380 Gulf Air fcs (A9C-TF)

F-WWSO A388 261 Emirates fcs (VL on nwd)

F-WWSZ A388 264 Emirates fcs (VM on nwd)

** 1x A20N IndiGo fcs (9094/9212/9382/9385/9390/9437/9489?)

** 1x IndiGo fcs (9094/9151/9212/9285/9298/9301/9336/9347/9382/9385/9390/9437/9489?)

** 1x A21N JetBlue Airways fcs (9191/9245/9315?)

** 1x Pegasus tail cls, primer (9307/9373/9393/9411?)

** 1x Pegasus (9307/9373/9393/9411?)

Outside Hangar 243/244

D-AVZK A21N 9156 IndiGo fcs (VT-IUO)

D-AVYX A21N 9254 Spring Airlines fcs (EU on nwd)

D-AYAW A21N 9311 China Southern fcs

D-AVZY A21N 9364 Vietjet Air fcs (52_ on nwd)

D-AVXD A21N 9386 China Southern Airlines tail cls, primer

Hangar 261

NO-REG A339 1972 Primer fuselage (for AirAsia X)

NO-REG A339 1973 Primer fuselage (XAX customer code on paperwork)

NO-REG A339 1975 Primer fuselage (for Corsair)

NO-REG A338 1977 Primer fuselage (for Uganda Airlines)

NO-REG A339 1981 Primer fuselage (XLF customer code on paperwork)

NO-REG A339 1983 Primer fuselage (for Delta Air Lines)

NO-REG A339 1984 Primer fuselage (LNI customer code on paperwork)

NO-REG A332 1989 Primer fuselage (for MRTT)

NO-REG A359 449 Primer fuselage (for China Southern)

NO-REG A35K 450 Primer fuselage (for Qatar Airways)

Outside Hangar 261

NO-REG A33x 1978 Primer fuselage

NO-REG A339 1986 Primer fuselage (for Thai Lion Air)

Outside near Hangar 260

NO-REG A20N 9520 Primer fuselage (for SAS Scandinavian Airlines)

NO-REG A21N 9556 Primer fuselage (for Asiana Airlines)

NO-REG A35K 446 Primer fuselage (for Qatar Airways)

Hangar 102

(D-AUAN A21N 9385) Indigo

(D-AUAJ A20N 9395) Spirit

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