Date Reg Type MSN Callsign Route Opr
02-Mar-20 TCNCI A320 9373 PGT091 XFW-SAW Pegasus Airlines
02-Mar-20 ECNIJ A320 9577 VLG901P TLS-BCN Vueling Airlines
03-Mar-20 SEROU A320 9262 SAS9150 XFW-ARN Scandinavian Airlines System
04-Mar-20 N929NK A320 9395 NKS9029 XFW-KEF Spirit Airlines
04-Mar-20 N411AN A321 9318 AAL9708 XFW-PIT American Airlines
05-Mar-20 VTIJW A320 9385 IGO9002 XFW-DEL IndiGo Airlines
05-Mar-20 A6ATD A321 9255 ABY998 XFW-SHJ Air Arabia
05-Mar-20 ECNIG A350 397 IBE0035 TLS-MAD Iberia
06-Mar-20 VTIJX A320 9559 IGO9003 TLS-DEL IndiGo Airlines
07-Mar-20 VTIJY A320 9562 IGO9001 TLS-DEL IndiGo Airlines

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