No deliveries this week.

However worth noting the following 10 aircraft have ferried from XFW to RLG this month for storage.

Stay safe all.

Date Reg Type Callsign Route MSN Opr ID
26-Mar-20 DAVXW A321 AIB288E XFW-RLG 9288 China Southern Airlines B-30E5
25-Mar-20 DAVYM A321 AIB008C XFW-RLG 9008 Chongqing Airlines B-30E8
24-Mar-20 DAVYD A321 AIB365B XFW-RLG 9365 Chongqing Airlines B-30EL
24-Mar-20 DAVXS A321 AIB325B XFW-RLG 9325 China Southern Airlines B-30E7
23-Mar-20 DAZAA A321 AIB240E XFW-RLG 9240 China Southern Airlines B-30E6
19-Mar-20 DAVXE A321 AIB345B XFW-RLG 9345 Air China B-30D9
18-Mar-20 DAYAS A321 AIB048B XFW-RLG 9048 China Southern Airlines B-30E1
16-Mar-20 DAXAO A320 AIB279B XFW-RLG 9279 Chengdu Airlines  
13-Mar-20 DAXAG A320 AIB268B XFW-RLG 9268 China Eastern Airlines B-30C3
12-Mar-20 DAVVX A320 AIB219B XFW-RLG 9219 China Eastern Airlines B-30CX

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