LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 23/06/2020

Log with credit to Carsten seen 17-18h at Francazal

704 F-HBCL Chalair
919 M-IBAM Jet AW
920 M-IBAN Jet AW
924 M-IBAO Jet AW
928 M-IBAP Jet AW
932 M-IBAQ Jet AW
??? ?????? Jet AW
1237 2-HOPY FEAT
1283 2-HOPL FEAT
1288 F-HOPN aws
1416 F-WWLQ Primer w/t
1556 F-WWEM Wings
1561 F-WWES Primer w/t
1565 F-WWEW Silver AW
1566 F-WWEX Indigo
1570 F-WWED Indigo
1573 F-WWEG Indigo
1594 F-WWEE Wings
1596 F-WWEG Wings
1598 F-WWEI Primer w/t
1627 F-WWET Primer w/t
1643 F-WWEL Tunisair Express

4301 OE-IKF Air Serbia
4589 F-HBAO Aigle Azur
4675 F-HBAP Aigle Azur
5906 EI-GRZ aws
8604 OE-IES Ernest fcs
8845 F-WWIH Chengdu AL
9122 F-WTAN aws
9185 F-WWBS Chengdu AL
9591 F-WWIA Indigo
10011 F-WWDM GO Air
10016 F-WWBE S7 AL
10076 F-WWIK Volaris

2-RPSH Ukraine Int‘l

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  1. As to my mail just now, it is visible on the right side behind the Indigo one, almost visible (heatwaves) on the nosewheeldoor

    Verzonden vanuit Mail voor Windows 10

    Van: DigitalAirliners.com Verzonden: vrijdag 26 juni 2020 10:42 Aan: paulus.veenboer@hotmail.com Onderwerp: [New post] LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 23/06/2020

    digitalairliners posted: ” Log with credit to Carsten seen 17-18h at Francazal ATR42/72704 F-HBCL Chalair919 M-IBAM Jet AW920 M-IBAN Jet AW924 M-IBAO Jet AW928 M-IBAP Jet AW932 M-IBAQ Jet AW??? ?????? Jet AW1237 2-HOPY FEAT1283 2-HOPL FEAT1288 F-HOPN aws1416 F-WWLQ Primer w/t15″


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