LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 25-26/06/2020

Log with credit to Sander seen from the outside without a tour.

261380842WWSOEmiratesFCS380 DC, not read off
9419321NXAVXFAir TransatFCS, #705DC + flying 2606
9478321NXEC-NGPIberia ExpFCSDC + delivery
9428320NHZ-NS28FlyNasFCSDC storage north
9390320NAUACIndiGoFCSDC storage north
9489320NAUBXIndiGoFCSDC storage north
9120321NXCS-TXETAPFCSDC storage north
9542320NAXAMGo AirFCSDC storage north, later towed to midfield
9301321NXVT-IUTIndiGoFCSDC storage south
9195321NXLRAVZUJetBlueFCSDC storage south
9080321NXAYAXAir AstanaFCSfuel leak
9589321NXNO REGANATCS Ofuel leak
?320N FlyNasFCSfuel leak
10050321NXNO REGWizzTCS Ofuel leak
9417321NXNO REGSwissTCS Ofuel leak, moved to H14 south area
9513321NX VistaraFCSfuel leak. Not read off
1004_320NNO REG fuseH14S
9563320NAXAELATAMFCSH14S later at fuel leak. Not read off
9228321NXAVYRCathay DrFCSH245 area. Not read off
9433321NXAYARGulf AirFCSH245 area. Not read off
 32  Jet Blue H245 area. Not read off
 32  Spring H245 area. Not read off
9335321NAVZNSichuanFCSH245 area. Or 9445/AVYN. Not read off. 
9429321NXAVYAWizzFCSH7 later H14S outside
9472321NXAVYGChina SFCSMidfield mid row
1014432S   tailMidfield near Beluga 
1017532S   rearMidfield near Beluga 
10___32S   tailMidfield near Beluga 
468350   rearMidfield near Beluga 
9499321NAVYFAir MacauFCSMidfield near run up
10042321NXNO REGAir TransatTCS O, #707Midfield near run up
10003321CNO REGDeltaTCS O, #_008Midfield near run up
9156321NXAVZKIndiGoFCSMidfield north row
9443321NXAVXHIndiGoFCSMidfield north row
9377321NXLRAZAFJetBlueFCSMidfield north row
9368321NXAVYWJuneyaoFCSMidfield north row
9520320NSE-RUASASFCSMidfield north row + delivery
9480320NAUBSZheijang LFCSMidfield north row
9442320NAUAALufthansaFCSMidfield north row +flying 2606
9504320NAUBPeasyJetFCSMidfield north row. Not read off
9437320NAUBBIndiGoFCSMidfield north row. Not read off
9492321NXLRAVYKAir TransatFCS, #706Midfield south row, north line
9261320NAXAHChina EFCSMidfield south row, north line
9266321NXAVYAChina SFCSMidfield south row, north line
9471320NAUBIIndiGoFCSMidfield south row, north line
9415321NXAVYITurkishFCSMidfield south row, north line
9254321NXAVYXSpringFCSMidfield south row, south line
9265321NXLRAZAIAir ArabiaFCSMidfield south row, south line
9386321NXAVXDChina SFCSMidfield south row, south line
9571321NAYALIberia ExpFCSMidfield south row, south line
9236321NXAYAZIndiGoFCSMidfield south row, south line
10022320NAVVAIndiGoFCSMidfield south row, south line
9401321NXAVYOVietjetFCSMidfield south row, south line
9445321NAVYNSichuanFCSMidfield south row, south line. Or 9335/AVZN. Not read off. 
9530320NAXALGo AirFCSRiverstore
9553321NXAYATAegeanFCSRiverstore. Not read off
9516320NAUBWAir AsiaFCSRiverstore. Not read off
9525320NAXAQAir AsiaFCSRiverstore
9557320NAXAAChina ExpFCSRiverstore
9467320NAUBQGo AirFCSRiverstore
9380320NAVVMGulf AirFCSRiverstore
9474320NAUBNHK ExpressFCSRiverstore
9540321NXNO REGJetstarTCS ORiverstore
9453320N LufthansaFCSRiverstore. Not read off
9555320NAUBZLufthansaFCSRiverstore. Not read off
9440320NAUBCSaudi GulfFCSRiverstore
9552320NNO REGSpringTCS ORiverstore
9515321N VietjetFCSRiverstore. Not read off
9527320NAXADZheijang LFCSRiverstore
?321NX TurkishTCS ORiverstore

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