LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 12-07-2020

Log and photos with credit to Dan , seen Francazal, Mon 13/7/20 0935-1125

F-WWLQ AT46 1416 white tail cls, primer (for Easyfly as HK-5354)
F-WWLT AT46 1419 Easyfly fcs (51 on nwd)

F-WKVB AT72 467 DHL fcs (CL on nwd)
F-GVZV AT75 686 white cls
F-HBCL AT75 704 Chalair fcs
EC-IZO AT75 711 white cls
M-ABMD AT75 793 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAM AT75 919 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAN AT75 920 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAO AT75 924 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAP AT75 928 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAQ AT75 932 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAR AT75 933 Jet Airways fcs
OY-YCJ AT76 991 white cls
F-WWEV AT76 1157 ATR red fcs
2-HOPY AT76 1237 Far Eastern Air Transport fcs
2-HOPN AT76 1288 white cls
2-HOPL AT76 1283 Far Eastern Air Transport fcs, no tail titles
F-WWEM AT76 1556 Wings 80th ATR fcs (JQ on nwd)
F-WWES AT76 1561 white tail cls, primer (T31561ZZ3001)
F-WWEY AT76 1564 white cls
F-WWEW AT76 1565 Silver Airways fcs (704 on nwd)
F-WWED AT76 1570 IndiGo fcs (XV on nwd)
F-WWEG AT76 1573 IndiGo fcs (XW on nwd)
F-WWEB AT76 1591 Braathens Regional fcs (MKP on nwd)
F-WWEE AT76 1594 Wings Air fcs (JR on nwd)
F-WWEG AT76 1596 Wings Air fcs (JS on nwd)
F-WWET AT76 1627 white tail cls, primer
F-WWEX AT76 1630 IndiGo fcs (XX on nwd)
F-WWEZ AT76 1632 Braathens Regional fcs (MKN on nwd)
F-WWEL AT76 1643 Tunisair Express fcs (BH on nwd)

OE-IKE A319 4282 Air Serbia fcs (KE on nwd) [YU-APL]
OE-IKF A319 4301 Air Serbia fcs (KF on nwd) [YU-APM]
F-WWIH A320 8845 Chengdu Airlines fcs
F-WWBS A320 9185 Chengdu Airlines fcs
F-WWDV A20N 9578 Juneyao Airlines fcs (FC on nwd)
F-WWIA A20N 9591 IndiGo fcs (SF on nwd)
F-WWDM A20N 10011 GoAir fcs (JV on nwd)
2-RPSH B738 29040 Ukraine International fcs
PK-CMR B738 30568 Sriwijaya Air fcs
I-SKYB E120 120087 white cls, Skybridge titles

Paint shop
F-HMTO AT43 78 Meteo France fcs
G-VZON AT75 853 white cls
????? AT7x ???? Hi Air green cls (245 on nwd – reg blocked by F-HMTO) [HL5245]

Military side
OE-IKU A320 2752 white cls
F-HBAP A320 4675 Aigle Azur fcs
EI-GRZ A320 5906 white cls (RZ on nwd)
OE-IES A320 8604 Ernest Airlines fcs
F-WTAN A320 9122 white cls (763 on nwd) [XU-763]

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