LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 16-07-2020

Log with credit to Colin. Photo with credit to A380_TLS_A350

Delivery Center 16/7/2020

WWBX/9543 Colourful Guizou – hangar
VTISB (9570) Indigo – wash pan
VTISD (9596) Indigo – wash pan
VTWJS (9598) Go Air – hangar
WWDJ/10005 Air Astana
WWBE/10016 Sibir
WWDA/10023 Indigo
WWIM/10037 Air Asia India
WWBV/10055 Sky AL
WWDD/10061 Travel Air
WWDN/10064 Egyptair
WWIK/10076 Volaris
WWXL/0071 Virgin
WWDW/0368 Qatar
WZHF/0382 Qatar
WZFH/0398 China Southern
WZGX/0399 Qatar
WZFO/0401 Cathay
WZGV/0410 Finnair
WZHG/0427 Lufthansa
WZFK/0433 French Blue

WWIF/10033 TAP
WWIB/10062 Viva
WWDY/10069 JetSMART – Duck tail
WWBZ/10070 Azul
WWIS/10072 Egypt Air
WWBJ/10082 Kuwait AW – midfield
WWBI/10087 Kuwait AW
WWBG/10092 Wizz
WWDG/10098 Vietnam
WW??/10106 Air Malta
WW??/10112 Wizz
WWDZ/10129 Wizz
WWCN/1957 Delta AL
WWYT/1963 Evelop
WWYU/1964 Kuwait AW
WWKP/1968 sand primer MRTT
Plus a Rwandair
WZGQ/0380 Cathay
WZGA/0395 Delta AL
WWAW/0400 Evelop
WZNO/0404 Delta AL
WZFS/0411 China Southern
WZGS/0412 Ethiopian
WZGE/0413 Cathay
WZNY/0415 Virgin
WZFR/0428 Aeroflot

There were numerous primer and brown primer ATRs on the flightline, midfield and in front of the hangars not read.

Blast pen
WWCX 1966 Air Asia X with white fuselage
Plus the pink Azul and a Rwandair

380 ramp
WWKY/1930 Beluga XL3
WZNK/0389 Asiana
WZHE/0393 Cathay
WZFD/0396 Cathay
WZNU/0408 China Eastern
WZNF/0420 Qatar
WZFQ/0425 Asiana
WZHC/0430 Qatar
WZHI/0448 Aeroflot primer
WWAV/0268 Emirates primer
WWSS/0269 Emirates primer

380 storage ramp
WWKE/1953 Delta AL
WZGY/0417 China Southern
WLXV/0438 Qatar primer

Rework hangar ramp
WWYJ/1976 Air Asia X primer

A330 factory ramp
WWYQ/1975 Corsair primer
WW??/1982 primer MRTT
WZNQ/0449 China Southern primer

Note there is a new high fence built making viewing harder than previous.

ATR prod line
1663 fuselage
WWEQ/1647 brown primer no engines outside hangar

ATR completion hangar
WWEZ/1542 Indigo
WWEX/1566 Indigo
WWLW/1603 primer
WWEP/1623 primer
WWEB/1633 primer
WWEC/1634 brown primer
WWEH/1639 brown primer
WWEN/1645 primer
Plus a further 72 in primer and a 72 fuselage

Parked on ramp near A320 static prod hall
WWEP/1646 brown primer no engines
WWER/1648 brown primer no engines

Fuel cell
WWIJ/10131 Peach
WWBF/10134 Saudi Gulf primer

320 static prod line
10150 Vietnam
Plus one further


No changes since the weekend report but to note that there is significant resurfacing work of the apron ongoing which means access to the airfield was restricted.

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  1. Hi Colin A320 static line you have 10107 which is supposed to be a Mobile build for Spirit and 10150 is a Hamburg build for Titan


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