LOG: Lourdes (LDE) 26-07-2020

Log and photos with credit to Dan, seen Lourdes, Sun 26/7/20 1540-1700

Tarmac Aerosave area
N835JM A30B 259 DHL fcs (ex EI-OZF)
D-AIQD A320 202 Lufthansa fcs
LY-VEV A320 211 UN WFP cls, parts removed
9H-AHO A321 806 Atlas Global fcs, fuselage only (ex TC-AGG)
EI-GCC A320 2044 Ernest fcs
PR-AVL A318 3214 Avianca fcs
F-WWAI A343 1 Airbus Flightlab cls V8-001 A342 46 basic Royal Brunei cls (no reg worn)
CS-TQW A332 262 HiFly Turn the Tide on Plastic cls
F-HBIL A332 320 Corsair fcs
F-WJKJ A345 478 white cls (ex 9V-SGC)
F-WJKK A345 492 white cls (ex 9V-SGA)
F-WJKL A345 499 white cls (ex 9V-SGB)
OE-IFW A332 535 white cls (ex VP-BDV)
2-VJWR A332 1351 Jet Airways fcs (ex VT-JWR)
M-ABLV A332 1361 Nordwind Airlines fcs (ex VT-JWS) [VP-BUM]
OE-IDV A332 1508 Avianca fcs (ex N508AV)
N203SA A332 1608 white cls (ex PR-OCG)
ZS-SXJ A333 1754 South African Airways fcs
F-WZNW A359 4 Airbus cls
F-WZFT A359 270 white cls
F-WZFV A359 323 white cls
F-WZFG A359 338 white cls
F-WZGN A359 403 Turkish Airlines fcs (LGA on nwd) [TC-LGA]
F-WZFN A359 414 Aeroflot fcs (FZ on nwd) [VQ-BFZ]
9H-DPD A388 8 white cls (ex 9V-SKD)
9H-DPE A388 10 white cls (ex 9V-SKE)
F-HPJH A388 99 Air France fcs
NO-REG B738 ????? basic Primera Air cls

Terminal side (in order from furthest away)
EI-FSS B772 32701 basic Vietnam Airlines cls (ex VN-A142)
2-VJWU A332 1391 Jet Airways fcs (ex VT-JWU)
F-GLZP A343 260 Joon fcs
F-GLZO A343 246 Joon fcs
2-RLAX A332 943 Bamboo Airways fcs (ex VN-A376)
2-RLAY A332 962 Bamboo Airways fcs (ex VN-A377)

EI-EWG A332 927 basic Arik Air cls (ex 5N-JID)
EI-EWH A332 891 National Airlines fcs (ex 5N-JIC) [N819CA]
EI-DDU A332 463 white cls (ex TC-JNF)
2-ACUB A332 956 Jet Airways fcs (ex VT-JWQ)
2-ACUA A332 947 Jet Airways fcs (ex VT-JWP)
B-308J A359 260 Hainan Airlines fcs
B-308H A359 251 Hainan Airlines fcs
ZS-SXC A343 590 South African Airways fcs
ZS-SXB A343 582 South African Airways fcs
ZS-SXA A343 544 South African Airways fcs
F-WJKI A345 608 white cls (ex A6-ERG)
CS-TFX A345 912 HiFly cls
D-ABVR B744 28285 Lufthansa fcs
D-ABVT B744 28287 Lufthansa fcs
D-ABVU B744 29492 Lufthansa fcs
F-HPJE A388 52 Air France fcs
F-HPJI A388 115 Air France fcs
F-HPJC A388 43 Air France fcs

B-308G A359 246 Hainan Airlines fcs
B-30DP A359 355 Hainan Airlines fcs
F-WXAL A359 124 Hong Kong Airlines fcs (ex B-LGA)
F-WXAN A359 168 Hong Kong Airlines fcs (ex B-LGC)
F-WXAO A359 187 Hong Kong Airlines fcs (ex B-LGD)
B-30DM A359 351 Hainan Airlines fcs

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