SU-GFG msn 55081 delivered as MSR3330 ex C-FOVX

SU-GFG A220-300 230920 TLS2

Credit : andre deblauwe


AIB01DF F-WWDF / VP-BPQ msn 10126 Aeroflot

F-WWDF first Airbus A320 Neo for Aeroflot

Credit : @Eurospot


AIB02CQ F-WWCQ / N408DX msn 1962 Delta

F-WWCQ A330-941 230920 TLS (N408DX cn 1962)

Credit : andre deblauwe

AIB02YU F-WWYU / 9K-APF msn 1964 Kuwait Airways

F-WWYU A330-841 230920 TLS (9K-APF cn 1964)1

Credit : andre deblauwe

AIB07YF F-WWYF / PR-ANW msn 1934 Azul ( CHR – TLS )

F-WWYF A330-941 230920 TLS (PR-ANW cn 1934)

Credit : andre deblauwe


G-VRNB msn 415 delivered as VIR847P ( hexcode4077D4 ) ex F-WZNY 

Delivery Flight msn415 G-VRNB 23/9/2020

Credit : A380_TLS_A350

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