Requests first…

-320 Chengdu fcs (8597, 9279 or 9319)

-321 Lufhansa fcs (10010 or 10059)
-32S Indigo fcs (lots to choose from)
-321 MEA fcs (10116, 10174 or 10221)
-321 Jetstar fcs (9540 or 10067)
-320 Chengdu fcs (8597, 9279 or 9319)

Outside 245
-321 Full Primer
-320 Go Air fcs (9530, 9542 or 9592)

-32S Indigo fcs (lots to choose from)
-380 Emirates fcs (261, 264 or 267)
-380 Emirates fcs (261, 264 or 267)

Midfield (Back)
-321 China Southern fcs (9240, 9386, 10213 or 10214)
-321 China Southern fcs (9240, 9386, 10213 or 10214)

Outside Hangar 14
-321 China Southern tail cls, read off as 10223, but could be a mispole

And the log….

A3209219D-AVVXChina Eastern AirlinesB-30CXfcsMidfield
A3219226D-AVXRAsiana AirlinesHL8371fcsMidfield
A3219228D-AVYRCathay DragonB-HPBfcsMidfield
A3219267D-AVYCChina Southern AirlinesB-30EDfcsMidfield
A3219293B-30F6China Southern AirlinesfcsDelivery Centre
A3219345D-AVXEAir ChinaB-30D9fcsDelivery Centre
A3219347VT-IUSIndiGo AirlinesfcsDelivery Centre
A3209382D-AVVKIndiGo AirlinesVT-ISQfcsDelivery Centre
A3219398D-AZAXJetBlue AirwaysN2060JfcsRiverside Store
A3219401D-AVYOVietJetAirVN-A524fcsDelivery Centre
A3209402D-AUAEAir ChinaB-30EJfcsDelivery Centre
A3219432P4-KGDAir AstanafcsDelivery Centre
A3209459D-AUAIAir AstanaP4-KBKfcsDelivery Centre
A3219477B-30FWChina Southern AirlinesfcsDelivery Centre
A3219499D-AVYFAir MacauB-MBRfcsDelivery Centre
A3209506D-AXANJuneyao AirlinesB-30EPfcsMidfield (Back Row)
A3219512D-AVYZAirAsiawhiteRiverside Store
A3219539D-AZABBamboo AirwaysfcsDelivery Centre
A3219556D-AZAUSpring AirlinesB-30FZfcsDelivery Centre
A3209558D-AUBKLATAM BrasilPR-XBHfcs *Outside Hangar 245
A3209563D-AXAELATAM BrasilPR-XBGfcsMidfield
A3219588D-AVZTDelta Air LinesN109DNfcsDelivery Centre
A32110003D-AVZQDelta Air LinesN108DNfcs *Outside Hangar 245
A32110007D-AYABPegasus AirlinesTC-RBGfcsRiverside Store
A32110026D-AVXWSichuan AirlinesfcsMidfield
A32110036D-AVXLSpring AirlinesfcsMidfield (Back Row)
A32110042D-AVYBAir TransatC-GOIMfcsDelivery Centre
A32010045D-AVVCZhejiang Loong AirlinesfcsMidfield (Back Row)
A32010060D-AUABKuwait Airways9K-AKQfcsMidfield
A32110068D-AZAGMiddle East AirlinesT7-ME4fcsMidfield
A32110084D-AYADVietJetAirVN-A534fcs *Midfield
A32110085D-AZACDelta Air LinesN112DNfcs *Riverside Store
A31910094D-AVWFTibet AirlinesfcsMidfield
A32010097D-AVVIFlynasHZ-NS33fcs *Midfield (Back Row)
A32110101D-AZAJJetBlue AirwaysN2105JfcsMidfield
A31910110D-AVWETibet AirlinesB-320GfcsDelivery Centre
A32110115HB-JPBSwiss International Air LinesfcsDelivery Centre
A32110117D-AVXXAll Nippon AirwaysJA150AfcsMidfield
A32010123D-AVVLSky Airlinetail clsRiverside Store
A32110124D-AVZHSpring AirlinesB-30IGfcsMidfield
A32010127D-AUBLGo AirfcsRiverside Store
A32110128D-AYAQVietJetAirVN-A543fcs *Midfield
A32110130D-AYAJCebu Pacific Airfcs *Midfield (Back Row)
A32110143D-AYACTurkish AirlinesTC-LTCfcsMidfield
A32110147D-AVYPMiddle East AirlinesT7-ME5fcsOutside Hangar 14
A32110162D-AVYEAir Bluetail clsArea round run up bay
A32010170D-AVVOIndiGo AirlinesVT-ISRfcsMidfield
A32110173D-AVZIAzul Linhas Aereas BrasileirasPR-YJDfcs *Riverside Store
A32010204F-WWIIColorful Guizhou AirlinesB-320TfcsDelivery Centre
A32110206D-AZARAsiana Airlinestail clsRiverside Store
A32110207D-AYAHAll Nippon AirwaysJA148AfcsLeak Test
A32110218D-AYALChina Southern AirlinesfcsDelivery Centre
A32110224NO REGNCebu Pacific Airtail cls *Leak Test
A31910239D-AVWGChina Southern AirlinesfcsArea round run up bay


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