LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 22-24.Nov.2020

Log and photos with credit to Rob. Seen at Finkenwerder between 22/11 16:30 and 24/11 15:00.

D-AVZJA321     ???WizzairFCS
D-AUBOAirbus A320 2148439Chengdu AirlinesFCS
D-AVZUAirbus A321 271nx9195JetBlue AirwaysFCS
D-AVVXAirbus A320 251n9219China Eastern AirlinesFCS
D-AZAAAirbus A321 253nx9240China Southern AirlinesFCS
D-AVYAAirbus A321 253nx9266China Southern AirlinesFCS
D-AXAGAirbus A320 251n9268China Eastern AirlinesFCS
D-AXAOAirbus A320 2149279Chengdu AirlinesFCS
D-AVXSAirbus A321 253nx9325China Southern AirlinesFCS
D-AVXEAirbus A321 271n9345Air ChinaFCS
D-AVXMAirbus A321 271n9350Sichuan AirlinesFCS
VT-ISQAirbus A320 251n9382IndiGoFCS
D-AVXDAirbus A321 253nx9386China Southern AirlinesFCS
D-AZAXAirbus A321 271nx9398JetBlue AirwaysFCS
D-AUAEAirbus A320 271n9402Air ChinaFCS
D-AUAIAirbus A320 271n9459Air AstanaFCS
D-AVYUAirbus A321 251nx9495Pegasus AirlinesFCSRETURNED FROM RLG 24-11-2020
D-AVYFAirbus A321 271nx9499Air MacauFCS
D-AXANAirbus A320 271n9506Juneyao AirFCS
D-AVYZAirbus A321 251nx9512all whiteWHI
D-AUBWAirbus A320 251n9516Thai AirAsiaFCS
D-AYAEAirbus A321 251nx9524AirAsiaFCS
D-AXAQAirbus A320 251n9525AirAsia IndiaFCS
D-AXALAirbus A320 271n9530Go AirFCS
D-AXAMAirbus A320 271n9542Go AirFCS
D-AUBKAirbus A320 273n9558LATAM BrazilFCS
D-AXAEAirbus A320 271n9563LATAM BrazilFCS
D-AVZTAirbus A321 2119588Delta Air LinesFCS
D-AYABAirbus A321 251nx10007Pegasus AirlinesFCS
D-AVXZAirbus A321 271nx10010LufthansaFCS
D-AVZWAirbus A321 271n10026Sichuan AirlinesFCS
B-321FAirbus A321 253nx10036Spring AirlinesFCSASSUMED 10036
D-AVVCAirbus A320 251n10045Zhejiang Loong AirlinesFCS
B-320KAirbus A320 251n10045Zhejiang Loong AirlinesFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER WING
D-AVVDAirbus A320 251n10051Scandinavian Airlines SystemFCS
SE-RUCAirbus A320 251n10051Scandinavian Airlines SystemFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER WING
D-AVYKAirbus A321 271nx10059LufthansaFCS
D-AZAGAirbus A321 271nx10068Middle East AirlinesFCS
T7-ME4Airbus A321 271nx10068Middle East AirlinesFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER WING
EC-NJIAirbus A321 251nx10071Iberia ExpressFCS
D-AYADAirbus A321 271nx10084VietJet AirFCS
D-AZACAirbus A321 21110085Delta Air LinesFCS
D-AVZFAirbus A321 251nx10091Cathay DragonFCS
B-HPDAirbus A321 251nx10091Cathay DragonFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER WING
D-AVWFAirbus A319 11510094Tibet AirlinesFCS
B-320FAirbus A319 11510094Tibet AirlinesFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER WING
D-AVXQAirbus A321 253nx10095American AirlinesFCS
D-AVVIAirbus A320 251n10097FlynasFCS
HZ-NS33Airbus A320 251n10097FlynasFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER WING
D-AZAJAirbus A321 271nx10101JetBlue AirwaysFCS
VT-ILCAirbus A321 251nx10109IndiGoFCS
D-AVXOAirbus A321 271nx10116Middle East AirlinesFCS
T7-ME7Airbus A321 271nx10116Middle East AirlinesFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER WING
JA150AAirbus A321 272n10117All Nippon AirwaysFCS
D-AVVLAirbus A320 251n10123Sky AirlineFCS
B-321GAirbus A321 253nx10124Spring AirlinesFCS
D-AYANAirbus A321 271nx10125Turkish AirlinesFCS
D-AYAQAirbus A321 271n10128VietJet AirFCS
D-AYACAirbus A321 271nx10143Turkish AirlinesFCS
D-AVVNAirbus A321 251nx10145Scandinavian Airlines SystemFCS
D-AYAMAirbus A321 251nx10146Jetstar JapanFCS
F-WWBCAirbus A320 251n10154Spring AirlinesFCS
D-AZAWAirbus A321 251nx10155IndiGoFCS
D-AVZMAirbus A321 251nx10157TAP Air PortugalFCS
D-AVYQAirbus A321 251nx10161all whiteWHI
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10162AirBlueTAIL
D-AVXGAirbus A321 251nx10168IndiGoFCS
D-AZAMAirbus A321 253nx10169Gulf AirFCS
VT-ISRAirbus A320 251n10170IndiGoFCS
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10171Cathay DragonTAIL
D-AVZIAirbus A321 251nx10173Azul Linhas Aereas BrasileirasFCS
D-AZAHAirbus A321 271nx10174Middle East AirlinesFCSDUAL REG, ALSO T7-ME6
T7-ME6Airbus A321 271nx10174Middle East AirlinesFCSDUAL REG, ALSO D-AZAH
NO REG VISAirbus A321 251nx10181Air Arabia?ASSUMED
D-AYAPAirbus A321 271nx10189Aegean AirlinesFCS
VT-ILBAirbus A321 251nx10190IndiGoFCS
D-AVVAAirbus A321 251nx10206Asiana AirlinesTAILYES, CARRIES D-AVVA
D-AVXCAirbus A321 253nx10213China Southern AirlinesFCS
D-AYARAirbus A321 253nx10217Spring AirlinesFCS
B-321HAirbus A321 253nx10217Spring AirlinesFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER STICKER
D-AYALAirbus A321 253nx10218China Southern AirlinesFCS
D-AVZKAirbus A321 271nx10221Middle East AirlinesFCS
NO REGAirbus A321 253nx10228China Southern AirlinesTAIL
NO REGA32110238white tailWHI
D-AZAEAirbus A321 253nx10245Aer LingusFCS
D-AYAOAirbus A321 251nx10253Air BusanFCS
D-AVYLAirbus A321 253nx10264Aer LingusFCS
B-320ZAirbus A320 271n10268Juneyao AirFCSDELIVERED 24-11-2020
D-AYAWAirbus A321 252nx10270Starlux AirlinesFCS
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10273Cebu Pacific AirTAIL
D-AYAXAirbus A321 271nx10287Air TransatFCS
D-AVXFAirbus A321 271nx10303JetBlue AirwaysTAIL
NO REGAirbus A321 253nx10306Gulf AirTAIL

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