LOG: Chateauroux (CHR) 15-01-2021

Log and photos with credit to Rob.

F-GLZNAirbus A340 313X245ex Air France colours
F-HHUBAirbus A330 223343Air Caraïbes Atlantique
B-LHAAirbus A330 243396Hong Kong Airlines
EC-INOAirbus A340 642431ex Iberia colours
EC-IOBAirbus A340 642440ex Iberia colours
F-WZNSAirbus A350 941452China Eastern Airlines
UR-WRTAirbus A321 211827Windrose Air
N974MAirbus A321 231974Onur Air
B-LHDAirbus A330 343E1146Hong Kong Airlines
UR-WRVAirbus A321 2311207Windrose Air
LY-VEHAirbus A321 2311366ex Thomas Cook Airlines colours
9H-HFCAirbus A330 3431401Hi Fly Malta
F-WWKIAirbus A330 343E1863Hong Kong Airlines
F-WWCYAirbus A330 343E1865Hong Kong Airlines
F-WWYIAirbus A330 343E1874Hong Kong Airlines
ES-SAMAirbus A320 2321896SmartLynx Airlines Estonia
F-WWKHAirbus A330 343E1902Hong Kong Airlines
F-WWYHAirbus A330 343E1907Hong Kong Airlines
F-WWYOAirbus A330 9411952Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras
F-WWYPAirbus A330 9411958Garuda Indonesia
F-WWCDAirbus A330 9411959Garuda Indonesia
F-WWYQAirbus A330 9411975Corsair International
VP-CXOAirbus A320 2143868all white
YL-LCYAirbus A321 2114461all white
F-WWDIAirbus A320 251n9460Capital Airlines
F-WWIQAirbus A320 251n10079AirAsia
F-WWDLAirbus A320 251n10111Sky Airline
F-WWDFAirbus A320 251n10126Aeroflot Russian Airlines
F-WWBFAirbus A320 251n10134Saudi Gulf Airlines
F-WWDZAirbus A320 251n10167Aeroflot Russian Airlines
F-WWDPAirbus A320 251n10225Sky Airline
F-WWDQAirbus A320 251n10279Peach Aviation

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